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GTA 5 Mobile Tips: What You Need To Know

GTA 5 Mobile Tips: What You Need To Know 

How do I control the game?

If you’re like me, the first thing you’re going to notice is the controls. It doesn’t take long to get your head around the gameplay as your brain starts to make quick associations between the game’s mechanics and your muscle memory from other games. In the game you’ll be playing as Franklin, a young man who has just escaped from a mental institution. A year has passed since the events of GTA 5, but the nightmare is far from over. Rockstar have retained the essence of the core experience with this port, the controls being adapted to suit the tablet environment. The controls are as simple as they need to be to get you started: simply use a virtual d-pad to control driving, and a small, button-laden d-pad to control the camera.


How do I make money?

As you might expect from an open world game such as GTA 5, there are lots of ways to earn money. You can play the game in one of three ways: when you’re on the go, you can sign up to do jobs as a driver, a delivery guy, a bodyguard, or a race car driver. The idea is that you can earn money as you go about your business. You also have the option of parking and taking jobs at the same time, but this does take up some time, so is not particularly ideal for busy people. However, if you don’t want to go through all that hassle, you can just be lazy and make the game come to you. When you go to work, if you’re driving for someone, you can bring work to their business. If you’re a delivery driver, you can go on your route, take the jobs you’re offered, and then deliver them.


How do I get weapons?

Weapons are unlocked by getting achievement (trophies in GTA 5) or by using various codes (which are acquired in the credits of a mission, when you complete a stage, etc.). To unlock guns, you need the explosives achievement. To unlock knives, you need the vehicle maintenance achievement. The way you get weapons depends on which achievement you unlock. For example, you can get a .45 pistol from explosives but you can’t unlock the “mobile vehicles” achievement until you get a taxi license. And for the plane you need the recovery mission (GTA 5 – Take it Back! – Credits). If you don’t have any aircraft, just wait. The Explosive Achievement When you first start your adventure, you will find that you don’t have many options with weapons.


How do I customize my character?

That's easy. Go to your Settings – > Gear – > Character. This will open a menu full of sliders that allow you to adjust your character’s appearance, including voice and facial expressions. There’s also plenty of things you can customize while you’re in Character Options, like the levels of any of your attributes, the visual appearance of any of your clothing, and even the shape of your wallet. What are the best cars for GTA 5? You can really create any type of car that you want. Select from a wide selection of existing vehicles like the Honda Civic Type R and the McLaren P1, or create something totally new, like the Inov-8 RD. There are also a range of customisations for most of these vehicles, from the ridiculous to the simply absurd.


What’s the best way to play?

While playing on mobile you can set a preference to automatically perform a Mission, or go into full mode and see the ‘Play As Epic Bosses’ option in the menu. Either way, with the ‘Simple Control’ option you can switch to a keyboard/mouse setup. This will let you have full control of the game and won’t bog down your battery. Or if you prefer a more classic mobile setup, it is possible to set your game to automatic Mission or full mode, or a combination of both. However, there are downsides to this. You won’t be able to do any fighting as you would in full mode. You also can’t do any Heist missions that can come with GTA-like meta-missions. As you get more familiar with the controls, you can also change them to cater for your preferred setup. How do you know when you have won or lost?



Overall, mobile gta 5 has a good set of tools and techniques to get started with. With a few quick tips you can get going right away and start playing. For more guides, check out our step-by-step guides: Get your apps. You can find some simple apps on Google Play store. Try out apk search and search for things related to GTA5, much like, “apps that allow you to cheat”, “apps that allow you to hack” etc. You can find some simple apps on Google Play store. Try out apk search and search for things related to GTA5, much like, “apps that allow you to cheat”, “apps that allow you to hack” etc. Turn on your internet connection. The game will require a constant internet connection for performance reasons, this is not a game that will run on low-quality connections.

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