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What Is AI And How It Is Used In Gaming Creation?

What Is AI And How It Is Used In Gaming Creation?

What is AI?

For a while now, human creation has been up against the computer. If you haven’t heard of the Turing test, take a moment to look it up. Humans are often incapable of identifying which machine is a real person or a program. Artificial intelligence is the end result of figuring out how to make computers smarter. The purpose of AI in games creation is to create an entire game with human creativity and storytelling. How is AI implemented? In video games, AI is applied in different ways. A variety of algorithms are used to create very unique experiences in games. The concept is quite simple, but often times very difficult to achieve. Games can use various methods of AI including hardware or software based, that make a computer learn and interact with its environment.


AI in gaming creation

Beyond the Pong example, the generation of the Internet allowed a lot of different kinds of creators to publish their games to a wide audience. With social media, that sort of content reached billions of people across the globe. With AI, that audience is expanding and players are exploring the same virtual space as other creators, which is a challenge to companies seeking to monetize it. Initially, we used mail order catalogues to sell games to the top 100,000 users in the US. Now, we’re using social media platforms to distribute content,” explains Ian Jakobsen, GM of PlayLink. AI in gaming creation has improved over the years, but it’s still not a perfect science.


The future of AI in gaming

As game creators start to push the boundaries of the possible, the opportunity to put AI to work in their creations becomes even more important. The scope and power of the modern generation of AI developers is growing every day, and the potential for game development is becoming clearer. For now, though, you can still take advantage of the AI platforms that have been available for the last few years by putting them to good use in your existing titles. Using AI isn’t about building a better human agent, it’s about using the tools available to create your own version of the man behind the curtain. Related: Biometric Technology Explained Understanding the Difference Between AI And A.



The games industry has always been innovative and evolving with every passing year. Yet, it was once dominated by two names: Sony and Nintendo. Things changed when Microsoft launched their revolutionary Xbox in 2001, and Playstation finally added DVD playback and Xbox Live which at that time offered online multiplayer gaming. Sony, however, was still the more popular brand with the younger generation and is still the dominant force, with Nintendo struggling to find an audience. Nevertheless, more and more game developers and publishers are choosing to utilise modern technology to create more enjoyable games to entertain the masses. I, for one, love games, and look forward to seeing what gamers around the globe create in the years to come.

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