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Analyzing 3 Types of Search Queries for Your Website

Analyzing 3 Types of Search Queries for Your Website

The 3 types of search queries

All search queries that relate to a general search are classified into the following three types: Knowledge Peripheral Interest Informational The knowledge type are questions or queries that require a specific answer or information to be provided to the user. The product, service or answer is not readily available on the internet and therefore the user must use a website to be able to obtain it. These are usually used to look for information on, for example, a new city or restaurant or for any specific topic related to a product or service. The other two types are generalized search queries.


What is a search query and what is it for?

Search queries are composed of words or text that are typed into the search box in order to perform the desired search on your website. In short, search queries should provide your website visitors with a high level of usefulness. Google knows this and, for the search query that you’re about to read, has decided to put together an infographic so that you can understand the main purposes and differences between search queries that should be answered, settled, or confirmed. #1 Are You Willing To Share Your Company Information With Anybody Who Sends You A Search Query? Google knows that sometimes people might want to know a little more about your business before they make an order. So they set up the Google My Business search engine.


How to optimize for the 3 search queries

The 3 types of search queries we’ll consider for optimizing a website for are: Type 1 In-depth The nature of this type of search query is that people have a pressing need to know exactly what they’re searching for. Some of these queries would be, “What is the best drug for beating this ailment”, “What is the best hydroponics grow light for a farm”, or “Why does a car drive like this?” These are the types of search queries that are looking for answers to very specific questions. If you were to use this type of search query as the title of your blog post, then the search volume and engagement might be high, but the content quality and relevance is lacking. Type 2 Question The idea behind this search query is that people are just looking for an answer to a question.



While it may not be easy to think about every individual kind of search query, it’s important to understand each specific type in detail so you can properly do your best to answer that need and fulfill it to the best of your ability.

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