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Top 5 Careers In The World Of Gaming

Top 5 Careers In The World Of Gaming 

Top 5 careers in the gaming world

1. Virtual Assistant – Although virtual assistants are not new to the job market, the role is now in high demand. To be a top notch virtual assistant, the applicant must possess exceptional communication skills and must be able to work under stressful circumstances. They are sought after due to their ability to manage multiple tasks and appointments simultaneously, and their ability to multitask in accordance with their clients' needs. Virtual assistants are essential to help with administrative tasks, such as receiving calls, booking appointments, completing paper work, researching local businesses and more. The term 'virtual assistant' can be loosely defined as a general job position that can be performed anywhere from a home office to a remote location.


Game Designer

With a career in gaming that can lead to a career designing games for major AAA studios and blockbuster game franchises, the game designer is in high demand in the game development industry. Gaming industry analysts estimate that video games will take over entertainment, with revenue of $131 billion in 2018. However, the game designer's work is diverse and includes game mechanics, digital art, user experience (UX) design, and more. This popular profession is forecast to be the top pick in 2020. 1. Product Design In addition to the specific design skills associated with the game designer, the product designer also draws from business skills and product development to develop games.


Game Producer

Career 2Game Producer is a director role that is rather comparable to a game designer. Similar to a game designer, the role of a 2Game Producer seeks to create high-quality video games with new gameplay mechanics and technologies, and even takes ideas from existing games and game universes to implement them into their own new titles. More specifically, a career in the role of 2Game Producer is seen to require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 10 years of industry experience. It should be noted, however, that no actual experience is needed to begin working in the role. The company with which you may begin working in the role of 2Game Producer is Electronic Arts. It is currently the most profitable video game company, a position it has held since 1998.


Game Developer

Gaming has always had a strong passion for the creative arts. It was only a matter of time before the creative industry found its way into gaming in the form of a game developer. The skills required to create the visual masterpiece that is an ambitious game are not easy to learn or achieve overnight. Therefore, becoming a game developer is in itself a very promising career option; however, this particular job requires quite a lot of hard work and determination. Game Developers are highly skilled individuals with diverse talents that can bring innovation and design to the industry. They are required to have experience in various roles within the industry. This includes experience in writing and designing game characters and environments.


Game Tester

The career of the game tester is an exciting one. This career choice, though initially a technical one, is quite popular and is highly likely to provide you with a lot of growth. Job duties of the game tester, among others, include: conducting testing and experimentation; analyzing data and results; studying and resolving issues. As these are highly demanding jobs, it is essential to have a strong work ethic. If you possess such a work ethic, then you can develop a long career as a game tester. Career 5Independent Game Designer This job is relatively new in the gaming sector and is often influenced by the interactive nature of the gaming world. However, such career options also have several other successful career choices, such as game development or game production.


Digital Marketer

Marketing and advertising professionals play an important role within the gaming industry, both in front and behind the camera. Both the industry and advertising side of gaming are subject to constant change, with companies and marketers constantly finding new methods to attract and captivate consumers. Digital marketing specialists play a huge role in facilitating these changes, ensuring that brands are in touch with their consumer base at all times. In addition to marketing, video game developers also require highly trained professionals to ensure that their projects are completed in the best possible way.



With an unlimited number of gaming opportunities available in the coming years, there is little to wonder why the gaming industry has attained this level of prominence. With more gaming opportunities becoming available, it seems that more talent will begin to look at these careers, with the diversity of opportunities ensuring the competition will remain intense. Therefore, it will be up to the aspiring professionals to stay ahead of the pack and continue to pursue their gaming aspirations with vigor, so as to reap the benefits.

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