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10 Helpful JavaScript Demos for Your Business

 10 Helpful JavaScript Demos for Your Business


10 Helpful JavaScript Demos for Your Business

The JavaScript ecosystem has advanced enormously over the last couple of years and new languages have become so much more helpful and exciting. This section has featured 10 of the best JavaScript demos that can be used to test the application performance and visualize the user experience of a website. They are presented in three categories: practical, promotional and artistic. We give some of our personal favorites. JavaScript Demos For Your Business This is a fantastic and eye-catching tutorial that talks about how to animate an area using the code included in the mozAnimate library. If you are trying to implement motion into a web application and you are lacking some knowledge on the subject, this tutorial is your ticket to a better understanding.


What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is the best programming language and it is now becoming more popular than other programming languages in the world. It is also known as ECMAScript. You should remember that JavaScript is used to create web pages and run them through the browser. ECMAScript is the set of standards or directives of JavaScript. What is JQuery? JavaScript is an event-driven programming language. When used in an interactive way, it becomes an event-driven programming language. One of the important JavaScript event handling frameworks is JQuery. JQuery is a small, lightweight and fast JavaScript library. It’s a jQuery plugin that allows you to accomplish many tasks in a jiffy by binding functions to elements with JavaScript.


JavaScript Frameworks

jQuery is a widely used library that deals with manipulating HTML in HTML5. jQuery UI is also one of the most popular frameworks that allows interaction of the UI on the HTML elements through JavaScript. jQuery Mobile and jQuery UI also contain CSS3 effects which are often used to create mobile apps with ease. AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript framework that lets you add various features like server-side routing, asynchronous programming and others. Create quick but robust JavaScript apps using node.js. [bctt tweet=”JS can save your time and money as well” username=”#JavaScriptWeek”] JavaScript Dev Tools You can create various JavaScript websites and also use them in your JavaScript courses, applications, websites and also as blogs.


JavaScript Libraries

While you are keeping the reference to JavaScript tools, you must not forget the common utility frameworks that a typical developer uses. Below you will find a list of JavaScript libraries and frameworks which can be used to build a wide variety of websites and apps. jQuery (jQuery.js) This is one of the most commonly used JavaScript libraries. It is used for defining and applying CSS and Javascript directives. jQuery.external.operators jQuery.get("title") jQuery.path(), get("title") and get("description") jQuery.entities(), import jQuery.event, jQuery.ensureClass jQuery.elem.addClassName(), removeClassName() jQuery.connect(), uniq(), duplicate() jQuery.div, get(), $(), modal(), set, append jQuery.geolocation(), google.maps jQuery.getUrl(), get("getLink") jQuery.



JavaScript is one of the most commonly used programming language in web development. This little piece of code, has managed to become one of the most loved programming languages. People and developers love JavaScript because of its versatility, ease of use, speed and flexibility.


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