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The Technology Behind FilterByPass: A Powerful, Easy-To-Use Tool

The Technology Behind FilterByPass: A Powerful, Easy-To-Use Tool

What is a proxy?

A proxy can be a web proxy, a proxy server, a proxy server proxy, or many other terms, but these terms do not fully explain what a proxy is. A proxy server provides a hidden channel of communication. So, that you’re talking on a hidden channel, it’s like you’re talking to someone who is not “in” your network. A proxy server creates the virtual server space for your virtual communication. A proxy server serves up a virtual server for you, making sure that you get the content from the server, instead of a server inside your computer. Who should use a proxy? Any web surfer who wants more security. Anything that is sensitive or secret that requires a secure communication channel. Anyone who wants to browse anonymously. How is a proxy different from an email or a proxy server?


The Benefits of Using a Proxy

We didn’t think you’d agree to this without a little demonstration. You will have a pleasant browsing experience. Not only will you have the privacy your computer deserves, you will enjoy your web surfing more. You won’t have to wonder how your personal information is being tracked. You won’t have to stop and consider the possible repercussions of surfing the web anonymously. For all the important things in your life, you will always remember the peace of mind a proxy can bring. For an added layer of protection, a proxy won’t even display your real IP address, instead leaving a proxy IP that no one will be able to trace to you. Using a Proxy: Steps to Set It Up Step 1: Open your web browser and head over to this link to get started.


What is Filter by Pass?

FilterByPass is an anonymization service designed to hide your location, online activities, and browsing history, then retain your IP address so it can be linked back to your IP address. Unlike a typical VPN, FilterByPass is not running on your computer. The applications used are also anonymous. They don’t store any metadata about your activity on the service. This provides added protection against your ISP’s IP addresses identifying your activity online. Similar to Tor, you use your browser to browse the web anonymously. Some of the features of are: Anonymity: For a first time VPN user, I would recommend using a VPN to create an anonymous identity and explore other online services.


How to Get Filter by Pass

Getting the Premium Version is easy. Simply send an e-mail to and they will send you the Premium Version of FilterByPass for no charge. But, if you don’t need the Premium Version, you can purchase it on for $19.95 for a limited time. If you like using a proxy, please let us know in the comments below. Or, drop us a line at with more questions about the product. We would love to hear from you. Be sure to subscribe to get updates about new content.


How to Use Filter by Pass

Using a VPN proxy is easy and can be done in seconds. You just need to login to your Proxifyaccount and then head over to your account dashboard and click on Options -> Customize. The customizations include the types of proxies, the Web Proxy, the DNS filters, the country, the country code, and the Gateway. You can also set up a custom DNS server and set a custom port to connect. You can quickly configure your proxy settings by hitting the Preferences button and selecting the page where you want to add your first proxy. Now hit the save button and then click the “Accept Proxy Settings” button to save your proxy settings. Now you can quickly add the next proxy and you can decide whether you want to use the primary proxy or use a secondary one.



These programs aren’t going to put you on the cutting edge, but they’ll help you use today’s web the best way possible. In the case of blocklisters, each of them has been updated by the user community to further aid the average user in making safe browsing choices for all sorts of websites.

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