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PUBG Mobile: Season 20 Release Date, New Maps, New Skins, And More

PUBG Mobile: Season 20 Release Date, New Maps, New Skins, And More 

The next update is coming

In case you missed it, the eagerly awaited 0.20.0 update for #PUBG Mobile is coming soon! PUBG MOBILE (@PUBGMOBILE) This tweet was accompanied by an image teasing the next version of the game. Based on the leaks, we will be getting new military outfits, a new car, tons of cosmetic items, a new weather and a new countdown system. The game developer hinted that the new patch would be released on the last day of May. The game developer has also revealed that a new Miramar map is coming soon, but we do not know when it will be released. There were rumors of a new Sanhok map releasing this week, but the game could hold off its release for a little longer. Apart from new items, the 0.20.


Pubg Mobile New Skins

There are chances that in the wake of the previous crackdown, there may be some different Season 20 skins introduced. As a caution, we can say that the above new characters have not been officially revealed by PUBG Mobile and are still under wraps. The only official piece of evidence is the photo posted by PUBG Mobile that reveals the four characters. So far, there is only one mystery character in the photo and two other characters in a different photo. As stated, we don't really have any reason to believe that it is a total lie. Moreover, it is easy to take that description with a grain of salt. There may be some evidence hidden on the developer's social media account that have not been uncovered just yet.

Season 20 Release Date

A number of leaks earlier this month shared that PUBG Mobile is set to start its season 20 on June 4. The season is expected to end on July 16, 2018. These details were confirmed by Tencent on PUBG's Chinese Facebook page. The page also confirmed that the new map will be called Sanhok. The teaser image shared by the company also hints that a fresh batch of skins will be released soon. Miramar Update PUBG Corporation earlier this week confirmed that Miramar map is also coming in a new update. The 0.15.0 update will be rolled out by the end of April for Android and iOS devices. Aside from a new map, the update will also bring 0.16.0 "Infected Terrorist Firefight" gameplay mode along with other new features. Here are some other expected features coming to PUBG Mobile soon.


Next map

also implies a new map in each week. Previously, the report from an industry insider suggested that the next map would be Sahara and will likely debut in June. As for the existing maps, Sanhok, Erangel, and Miramar, they are all expected to get a new map during the course of the season. Hotfix for recently released maps There has been a significant reaction to the hotfix released in early April to address players' gripes about Sanhok. The patch doesn't make much of a change and mostly fixes minor bugs and issues. However, the patch also quells the concerns about the map and is unlikely to experience a relapse. However, the patch includes "additional fixes," and it's likely that the next map update will bring an array of improvements.



PUBG Mobile is not just one of the most downloaded games in India. It is also one of the most downloaded games on Android and iOS devices across the globe. And while the game's astronomical popularity is a commendable achievement, the company deserves a little credit for delivering a consistently good experience. The game is free to play and has been well received by the audience. The company's committed to maintaining that reputation, which explains its plan to add more content and improvements as the game progresses. And, while a single player-focused iteration does exist, players in India are actively engaged in playing in squads. That's something that the game developers need to acknowledge.

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