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3 Best PUBG Mobile players

3 Best PUBG Mobile players

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has seen a massive surge in popularity and a lot of competitive players are definitely wondering which one of these matches is the best.

PUBG Mobile is the king of the current generation and it is the largest online multiplayer game in the world. This is the only online game that you can play on your smartphone. But does it make for a great game when you get down to the gameplay itself?


Well, that's a different story altogether. It does take some time to get used to the game but once you figure things out, you will never look back. Just look at the plethora of content that the game has to offer and the core mechanics that help the game remain engaging for long hours.


But there's one more aspect of the game that has kept it at the top of the charts since day one. While the game doesn't allow for a global leaderboard to determine the best PUBG Mobile players, we have decided to compile a list of the top 10 best PUBG Mobile players in the world. Further do you know How to lag fix on android PUBG Mbile.


3 Best PUBG Mobile players

1.Carl and Berry


Obviously, you need to win matches to make it into the top 10. But to make a lasting impact in this list, you need to perform exceptionally well and that's exactly what Carl DiMare and Berry Pall have managed to do since the game released in September 2018.


Both of them are very talented players and are currently in the top 4 of the PUBG Mobile Global Leaderboard. So it's safe to say that both of these players are among the best in the world and this does speak volumes about the amazing PUBG Mobile tournament that Mobile eSports company UC Sports and PUBG Corporation organized in December 2018.


Most tournaments that they have participated in have been won and that means that there's no stopping for these two players in the current PUBG game. They are easily among the top 3 on the list of the best PUBG Mobile players.


2. Carl DiMare


As of writing, Carl is the #3 ranked player on the PUBG Mobile Global Leaderboard. His gameplay is very aggressive and effective. He has also dominated the PUBG Mobile Desert Map. He is a beast when it comes to raiding and looting. His calm, patient gameplay also helps him dominate in tight situations. He has also become a crucial part of Na YoungGu and Na SungNam team.

3.Berry Pall


Just like Carl, Berry is a top 5 PUBG players on the PUBG Mobile Global Leaderboard and is also one of the top top 2 on the PUBG Mobile Desert Map. He is another one of the top players in the landscape of the game, who doesn't want to go easy on opponents. He is one of the finest all-rounders out there, who seems to be having a great time in the game. He's also the first non-Asian player to rank among the top 3 on the PUBG Mobile Global Leaderboard.


As such, both these players have become essential to the squads that they are in currently. Of course, their results speak volumes and both of them have already won the UC Sports Offline Championship and the Game Over game modes tournaments.


Official PUBG MOBILE Competitions


In the UC Sports Offline Championship, Berry was the first player to win the Bronze medal in the Attackers list, second to win the Gold medal in the Defenders list and then claim the Platinum medal on the Attackers list. The second time he won the Gold in the Attackers list. In the Game Over tournament, he also came in second and went on to win the Match.

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