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7 Interesting & Important Facts That You Never Knew About Window Boxes

7 Interesting & Important Facts That You Never Knew About Window Boxes


Die-cut window boxes are being used in every industry, from food and bakery to toys and all others. They are found exceptional when it comes to presenting the packaged items perfectly to customers and get their attention. Here are 7 interesting and important facts about these boxes that may change your perspective about them.

Customizable Solutions

The best thing about custom window boxes is their customizability. One can get them shaped, styled, and sized in the desired way to meet product packaging requirements. In fact, they are manufactured out of cardboard and paper board materials that are easy to customize in any shape and design. This aspect of these packages makes them multipurpose. You can get them personalized under to the requirements of your products despite their type and nature. Gable, bakery and mailer boxes with die-cut windows are some examples of the customizability of these packages. This fact about window packaging negates the misconception that they come in singular design and shape.

Exceptional Branding Capabilities

Custom printed window boxes are not just exceptional for product packaging and presentation; they are also remarkable for branding. High-quality printing embossed and debossed brand logos and alluring graphics make them exclusive to attract customers and convey the brand message. From storage to product delivery to customers, they come across a large number of people in the market. And their exclusive printing and branding features play a vital role in making people aware of the respective brand. That is why almost 70% of retailers and brands use these packages to attract maximum customers and boost their sales.

Prevention from Exposure Hampering

Exposure hampering is a major trouble that brands and retail businesses face with random packaging solutions. Customers could not have contact with the packaged items without opening the box. Opening a product box every time for customers can harm the product. But that is not the case with custom cardboard boxes with die-cut windows. Added windows to these packages provide exposure to the essential parts of the product. In this way, they help customers to know about the packaged item. For example, you use them for cake packaging. Their windows allow customers to check the freshness and ingredients without opening these packages. This aspect also helps customers to make their minds to buy the respective item.

Sustainable Packaging

Custom window boxes fulfill the criteria of sustainable packaging that is high in demand nowadays. Cardboard and paper board materials are used to manufacture them. These materials are not only long-lasting but also are nature friendly. They require the least energy for recycling and are also reusable. They also do not leave any carbon footprints. These aspects make them a harmless packaging solution. So, going for these packages can help you excite a large number of customers who prefer products in eco-friendly packaging.

Cost-efficient Packaging Solutions

Another surprising fact about custom packaging with die-cut windows is that they come affordable. Materials used in their manufacturing are based on natural resources and are available in abundance at low prices. These materials are also recyclable that reduces the production cost of packaging manufacturers. These aspects allow them to offer these incredible boxes at cheap rates. A lot of packaging manufacturers are offering discounted prices on bulk purchases along with free shipping. This also helps brands and retailers to get these packages at the most affordable prices within their budgets.

Increase Perceptive Value of Products

Printed window boxes increase the visual charm of the product and leave a great first impression on customers. They also increase the perceptive value of the packaged items for customers and excite them to make a purchase. Usually, they are empowered with high-resolution graphics, product images, and other artistic features that allure customers. Die-cut windows also provide an elegant display of products. So, you can take advantage of these boxes to give a boost to your sales.

Easy Storage and Assembling

Interestingly, custom cardboard boxes are easy to fold for storage purposes. But it does not mean that they are hard to assemble. They just require a few folding steps to be back in their final shape to serve the packaging purpose. That is why; packaging manufacturers ship these packages to their clients in flat form to reduce shipping costs.

Knowing these interesting and important facts about window boxes can help you understand how much benefit they are. Thousands of brands and retailers are using these packages to stand out from the crowd of similar in the market. You can also enjoy higher sales, profits, and recognition in the market by using these boxes for your products.


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