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A Complete Guide On How To Embed Facebook Reviews On The Website

Customer reviews are the most powerful tool for businesses to boost sales and revenue, building authority and reliability of the website.


Generating and receiving customer reviews was a difficult and time-consuming task for a business. But with the up-gradation of features & functionality of social media channels, it is easy for customers to place their experience & review about businesses on these channels.


Several social media channels are allowing customers to place their reviews on the website or platform, but Facebook has taken the lead and is also popularly known for authentic customer reviews for businesses.


Now, when customers are looking to check the authenticity of a business and learn about the customer experience with the business, Facebook reviews are the ones that people open at first.


Your customers learn about your business, products, and services from your website, and then move to check the customers' feedback about your business through Facebook reviews.


Embedding Facebook reviews directly on your business website will bridge the gap between your Facebook reviews and customer search for validation about your business from your website.


Also, not all customers who visit your website check the Facebook reviews available on your Facebook Business Page. They never know the amazing customer experience with your business. Hence, many of your visitors never come back to your website and never make any purchases from your business website.


Thus, you can increase the authenticity of your website by integrating Facebook reviews on your website.

In this blog, we will go through a guide to effectively embed Facebook reviews on your website.

So let's begin without any further delay,


How To Embed Facebook Reviews On the Website

If you are ready to embed Facebook reviews, you can follow these steps to embellish your website with useful Facebook reviews. Follow this guide to integrate Facebook reviews in most effective & result-driven ways.

Step 1: Go To Review Section On Your Facebook Business Page

Begin with logging in to your Facebook account and open a Business Page linked with your account. Now, navigate to the Review tab that might be displayed near the home or in the menu list located on the sidebar, depending on the priority parameter you have set on the Facebook Business Page.


Step 2: Select Star Reviews To Embed On Your Business Website

You will see there are multiple reviews shown in the review section. Read the reviews provided by your customers as it can be a mix of positive and negative reviews about your business.

To display these Facebook reviews on your website, you can pick the Facebook reviews with positive customer reviews about your website. You can also deliberately select the Facebook reviews using filter tabs for "Most Recent" & "Most Popular" reviews.


Step 3: Choose “Embed” Option

When you select the customer review, click on the three dots shown above the post layout in the top right corner. A small list of the menu will open, where you find the "</> Embed" option. Click on the embed option to generate the embed code for the selected review.


Step 4: Copy Embed Code

After selecting the Embed option, an HTML code will be generated on the screen that you need to copy. A small window will also appear with a preview of a Facebook review of how it will look on your website. If you are positive with the review you have selected, copy the generated Embed code.


When you click on the Embed code, a small window appears on the screen with tabs: JavaScript SDK & IFrame. As per website settings, you can select the embed code accordingly. Select IFrame for standard Embed code link. Right-click on the entire code and "Copy" the code on the clipboard.


Step 5: Paste Embed Code On The Web Page

Open the web page where you want to place Facebook reviews on your website. Click on edit to open the backend of your web page and find the section where you want to place the code. Moreover, you can also create a whole new page for the Facebook review page on your website. Whatever you choose, paste the copied Embed code at the right place and save the changes you have made.


Bonus: 4 Best Tools To Embed Facebook Reviews On Your Website

You can use several tools and plugins to link Facebook reviews and ratings to your website. But using a dedicated tool that is specifically designed for embedding Facebook reviews on websites offers seamless integration of Facebook reviews responsively.


These tools are compatible with your website design and increase customer interaction and engagement on your website. These are also pocket-friendly tools that might not affect your budget and retrieve exceptional results on your website.


 We are listing them in the Top 4 Facebook review tools for your website from top to bottom. You can choose any that best fits your needs.


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Wrapping Up!

We are at the end of this blog, so let’s talk about the takeaway from this blog. You have learned how to embed Facebook reviews into your website step-by-step without investing any single penny. Directly from your Facebook Business Page, you can embed Facebook reviews on your website.


Furthermore, you come to know about the tools that offer the best integration of Facebook reviews on your website. Choose any of these tools, and you can reduce the hassle of embedding one Facebook review. Instead of adding multiple Facebook reviews on your website in a single click.


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