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Child’s Development by Wooden Number Puzzle| Benefits of Alphabet wooden Puzzle


Child’s Development by Wooden Number Puzzle| Benefits of Alphabet wooden Puzzle

It is impossible to imagine a childhood without wooden number puzzle. The children can have great learning by using the wooden number puzzles.

Features of Wooden Number Puzzles

The children can easily grasp the wooden numbers of the puzzles. They are perfectly made for the children as they like to hold everything with their small hands. These wooden numbers are light weight. Make sure to always buy the wooden number puzzle of good quality for your toddler.

Role of Wooden Number Puzzle in Child’s Development

The wooden number puzzles have a great role in the child’s development. A child leans various skills through it and becomes sharp minded.

Grasping Ability         

The grasping ability of a child is enhanced when the child holds the light weighted wooden numbers. As they are small too, that is another benefit for grasping them easily by children.

Improvement in Cognitive skills

Cognitive skills are definitely improved by the wooden number puzzle. The child uses his cognitive ability as much as he can to get the results. And the process of child being able to solve the puzzle thus improves his/her cognitive abilities.

Problem Solving Skills

If you want your children to learn problem solving skills, then buy them wooden number puzzles. They will have to organize the unassembled words again and again. Hence, the children will make the new strategies to achieve their goal. It will help them in learning the problem solving skills.

Learning Numbers

When the children play with these puzzles, they start learning the numbers. As they can easily pick them and hence when you teach them to give each character a name, they start following them and hence they learn counting.

Learning Mathematics Skills

Playing with these wooden number puzzles helps the child to lean different math skills. They can learn the basic concepts of math like addition, subtraction etc. These puzzles make the boring concepts quite alluring and they enjoy learning those concepts.

Alongside wooden number puzzle alphabet wooden puzzle also helps a child a lot in learning.

Role of Alphabet Wooden Puzzle in Learning

The Alphabet wooden puzzles are made on the same pattern as wooden number puzzles. They also help in leaning and also give a good boast to the child’s skills and abilities.


The alphabet wooden puzzles helps in forming the concentration of a child. When he takes a lot of time to solve a puzzle, it helps the child to enhance his ability to concentrate on the things.

Hand-Eye Coordination

When children play with Alphabet wooden puzzle, they focus on the wooden alphabets in their hands. When they focus on them, a hand and eye coordination is developed that helps them to focus properly on the thing they are holding.

Alphabets Learning

Solving alphabet wooden puzzles definitely helps the children in learning alphabets. They will have to learn the alphabets in order to arrange them.

The children not only learn alphabets but with the help of these puzzles, they are also able to distinguish them from one another.

Language Development

Whenever children are trying to find something, they will speak. This will improve their language. They will try to describe you what they are finding or what they have achieved. In this way their vocabulary will be increased and they will try to speak new words.

Socializing Abilities

The socializing skills can also be taught to the children by these puzzles. Whenever they will play alphabet wooden puzzle with their friends or with the children of their age group, they will learn to work together. As being a part of this society, they should learn socializing. And these puzzles can help them doing so.

Sense of achievement

When the child reaches to the point where he/she can solve the puzzle, the child feels a sense of achievement. And when this achievement is appreciated, the child gains the confidence. The toddlers are in the age group in which either they can become very confident or dull.

If you give them sense of achievement, they will be able to solve any problem in future but if it is not provided, it can cause issue for them in their future.

Online Toys Buying Platforms

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Both of the puzzles mentioned above are easily available online on many platforms. You can easily but them for your kids.

Also many other online toys in Australia are available that would be a great gift for your kid. They will enhance all their skills and will make your child a great learner. You will even find many other kinds of puzzles there. So give your child this gift and make their childhood days more special and alongside enhance their abilities too.

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