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Do you also agree with the above words of Ram Charan? Aren’t you bored of watching romantic, thriller, horror or historical movies? Add some spice to your life and watch drama series on Netflix. For your ease we have mentioned below some drama series that you must watch on Netflix.



  1. Breaking Bad

Watch how a chemistry teacher (who is overqualified but underpaid) at high school who has also been diagnosed with stage three lung cancer gets indulged into a nasty drug dealer in the local methamphetamine market. He with the help of his former student starts making small batches of meth but later on expands to make larger batches. You will be glued to the screen the whole time and especially when the professor is juggling between his family and his brother-in-law who is in drug enforcement Administration.


  1. Ozark

This is a series that revolves around a financial advisor who relocates his wife and two children to the remote summer resort community of Osage Beach, Missouri. Why? Because his money laundering schemes went wrong and he had to pay a lot of amounts to the drug dealer so that he could keep his family safe. Watch Ozark to know what happens to him and his family after they relocate? As per The Next Hint’s report, Netflix has finally confirmed that season 4 (finale) of ozark will be released soon.


  1. Black Mirror

This series is ascience fiction anthology that examines the relationship as well as the consequences of a technologically dependent society. The series used the technology to make a statement on current social issues. Majorly negative statements! Also, out of 22 episodes, most of them have a bad ending!


  1. Outlander

This series is based on the novel of the same name which is written by Diana Gabaldon. The plot of the series revolves around a married former Second World War military nurse from Scotland. She is teleported back to the year 1743 from 1945. (Don’t you also wish to get teleported once?) Coming back to the series, the nurse meets and falls in love with a Highland warrior from Gabaldon's fictitious Clan Fraser of Lovat. Moreover, they also get engaged in the Jacobite rebellion. But this isn’t it! Watch Outlander and find out yourself.


  1. Queen of South

This is a story about a poor Mexican woman who falls in love with a drug cartel member and tries to enhance her standard of living by being with him. But one day got to know that her boyfriend was no more, she had no other option except to run away. She reaches the United States, where she establishes her own drug distribution company and eventually becomes wealthy! But the series doesn't get over here. It shows the problem she is facing, in spite of being rich.


Do you know watching drama series can be effective for your mind? They are excellent at pushing those who watch drama series by introducing them to new ideas, have more empathy and a good perspective. And there are times when you do need drama! For that, you Netflix comes to the rescue with its amazing drama series

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