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Fire Protection System

Fire Protection System:

Fire protection systems are specialized equipment designed to suppress the fire autonomously. Early warning systems like smoke detectors also come under the category of the Fire Protection system.

Fire protection companies developed different kinds of systems for different kinds of situations. Like smoke detectors are for the early warning but sprinklers are used to suppress the fire.

Following are the common fire protection systems used around the world.


Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems:

These are automatic water sprinkles deployed if the fire is detected on the premises. In this system only those sprinkles get deployed which are directly above the fire.


Dry Pipe Systems:

This system is the same as the wet fire sprinkles but the pipes are filled with pressurized air or nitrogen.

The reason to fill the pipes with gas is that this system is deployed in the cold areas where water froze in the pipes and jam them.

So this technique will prevent this risk and ensure the flow of water if needed.


Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems:

It is the specialized protection system that is used in places where water is not suitable as it can cause more damage to the property.

It uses different agents to extinguish rather than water to prevent damage.


Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems:

Dry chemicals are pressurized and deployed to eliminate any fire before it gets visible to the human eye. It also comes with highly sensitive detectors for quick response.

Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems:

In this system, CO2 is used to suppress any fire as it is non-flammable gas. It is only used for places that are not occupied by people or animals. It does not leave any liquid or residue which mitigates any risk of damage.


Foam Fire Suppression Systems:

If flammable liquids like oil are on fire then water and gases are not an effective way. In this case, the foam is used to suppress the fire. The foam creates a layer on the surface that deprives the fire of oxygen which extinguishes the fire. It is the fastest way to eliminate fires that are out of control.

How to select right Fires Protection System:

Choosing the right protection system is a crucial process to have better protection.

There are several variables that you need to keep in mind while selecting a fire protection system. Some of these are as follows.

Size and type of the building:

the factor that affects the performance of the protection system is the Size and type of the building in which it is being installed.

You will need to keep in mind the size of the building, number of floors and layout of the building.


Expected storage material:

different materials respond differently when they are on fire that is the reason the fire protection systems are also according to that material.

Fire protection companies developed different protection systems for different materials for effective results.


Performance of the system:

A good quality fire protection system can make the difference between life and death. It is the best policy to check the previous record of the candidate system and get reviews from the users.

Also, keep in mind the weather conditions of the area before selecting a system.






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