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Things you need to know before getting tiling service:


Things you need to know before getting tiling service:

There is a large variety of tiles and companies offering tiling services. That makes it very difficult and time-consuming to select the correct tiles and person.

Before you start your quest you need to read this article to know about the parameters that you need to keep in mind.

Following are the variables that must be considered before starting the work.



Having a good estimate of cost is very important. To have a better estimation you need to check the average prices of tiles and labor costs.

This cost can be very different from place to place for example floor tiling services Dubai may cost more than floor tiling services in Pakistan

It also depends on the type and size of tiles that means you need to keep every expense in mind while making an estimate.

It is also recommended to hire an expert or analyze a similar project and its cost.


2-Hire a professional contractor:

Mostly construction projects take lots of time and effort but sometimes it gets worse if you do not have any experience.

That is the reason that hiring a reputable contractor is the right choice.

You need to check the experience and previous projects of the contractors before hiring them. It is also the right choice to get into a written contract with him to eliminate any dispute later.


3-Estimate Quantity:

After cost estimation, it is necessary to determine the number of tiles. This estimation must be based on the precise measurement of rooms. It is recommended to get 5 to 10% extra tiles then estimated quantity.


4-Check quality of tiles:

Tiles are supposed to last for a long time under harsh conditions. That's why it is important to check the quality of tiles before selecting them.

There are different types of tiles available in the market like Vitrified Tiles can be used as an alternate of marble or granite floor. These are very good for the outdoors too because of water and frost resistance.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a great choice if you want to replicate the wooden or natural stone texture.

There are different categories of these tiles according to the quality you must select best possible by keeping the budget in mind.


5-Select Right Color:

Tiles are not easy to replace. So you need to select the color very carefully. It is recommended to let your interior designer select the color according to the theme of the house.

Floor tiling services Dubai can assist you to choose the better color. Light color tiles are often recommended to give a specious look.

Tiles are lifetime investment so it needs careful consideration.

6-Selecting the size:

Tiles come in different sizes such as 600x600, 800x800 and 1000x1000. It is required to select the tiles according to the size of the rooms. Large-sized tiles will give specious looks. These are suitable for large rooms where the width is more than 16 feet.

For kitchen and bathrooms, smaller tiles are more suitable for a more proportionate look.















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