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What are the Most Popular Android H@cking Tools in the Market?


What are the Most Popular Android H@cking Tools in the Market?


Everyday hundreds of applications and softwares come up in the market to target various operations. After understanding the need and importance of privacy and security, the security researchers are constantly struggling and trying to develop different application that helps in verifying the level of security for computers and smartphones.


In this article we will talk about the Android h@cking tools and apps. There are hundreds of various apps for Android devices in the market that are used for security research and network analysis but we are going to list the top of the line most popular android h@cking tools of 2021. Each of these tools are one of the best for their specific features.



Check out all the most powerful top android h@cking tools of 2021 and take the penetration testing on the go with your smartphone.



Kali Linux is one of the most popular OS for the penetration testers when it comes to security and h@cking. Kali is a variant of linux which got so much popularity among the h@ckers and security researchers for it’s high end powerful penetration testing tools. Kali linux is powered with both GUI and command based terminal for executing the commands and perform operations. After it’s so much success, finally this OS is released for Android powered smartphones and devices. Kali Linux for Android is introduced to perform security research and penetration testing on the go.



Hackode is an Android dedicated penetration testing tool developed for the ethical h@ckers and security researchers to analyze the network for authenticity of security and loopholes. It’s can be used for many different functions like vulnerability scanning, information gathering, exploit scanning and many other operations.



NMap also known as Network Mapper is another powerful network analysis tool. NMap was a UNIX based tool initially which after it’s huge exposure later developed for all the operating systems like Windows, Android etc. As we are covering the best tools for Android platform, NMap proved it’s worth to be in the best h@cking tools list for android for it’s powerful features on the go. You don’t need to root the phone in order to use the NMap on your smartphone, but you might face limitations while using some features. In order to take full advantage of this app, you can root the phone.




FaceNiff is an advanced Android sniffing tool for capturing Android Web Sessions. It got so popularity among the h@ckers and pentesters for it’s features. This app is for the ones whoever concerned about the security and also want to know the authenticity of their network for various vulnerabilities.



AndroRAT is an Android RAT for Windows operating system that allows attacker to control remotely any Android device from a PC. With this spy app, users can connect to a smartphone or tablet and receive information from it. Usually such tools are referred as remote administration tool to gain un-authorized access to the remote devices.



SSHDroid is a shell-server for android powered devices to transform your smartphone into a SSH shell server. It allows user to connect and execute different operations on the a remote device without having physical access to it.


Droidsheep is an open-source Android application which allows attacker to capture data packets and web browser sessions over the wireless networks. Droidsheep for Android is specially designed to analyze security vulnerabilities. In order to run this app, phone is required to have root access.


DroidSheep Guard is an addon tool for Droidsheep that performs the anti operations of Droidsheep. It works against the droidsheep attacks and secure your device data from being captured by droidsheep app.


ZAnti is a great android tool to intercept the non-secure web sessions. ZAnti is packed with all the advanced professional interception features. ZAnti can be installed on any android powered device easily and it’s is one of the top competing alternative to the Droidsheep app


DroidJack is another android RAT that allows user to establish control over your remote Android devices with an easy to use graphical user interface. It have many advanced features that you can perform over the remote smartphone. DroidJack is one of the top android RATs for it’s functionality to check WhatsApp messages remotely.


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