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What is a Search Engine? Which is the best search engine that one could go for?

What is a Search Engine? Which is the best search engine that one could go for?

Search engines are making the world go round, helping us find answers to almost any query that we may have. Have a question? Type it into the search engine, click on the little magnifying glass or the button with the word search on it. It brings you all the websites that it feels could be useful to you by correlating the words you entered to the content in the websites in terms of language.


There could be hundreds of articles related to the words you’ve entered the search engine sorts through them and ranks them. The rankings are based on certain guidelines unique to each search engine. Search engines are perpetually trying to improve the algorithm that does the sorting. 


There are plenty of search engines on the block. Each Search engine has different bots and different ways of indexing the links that show up on the Search Engine Results Page(SERP). Google is, of course, the most popular and well-known of the lot. 

What do Search Engines do? - The Main Functions of Search engines.


Though there are many different search engines, their functions boil down to three very basic steps.


1. Crawling 


Each search engine has several bots to carry out the crawling process. These bots go to all the websites available and scan each and every page on them based on the permissions granted on the ‘robots.txt’ file. This file has hypertext links that lead to all these pages. This way they get information on almost everything on the website such as the quality of the content, the page speed, the frequency of keywords, the originality of the content, link building and much more. 


2. Indexing


The Search engine has a repository of all the information collected by the crawlers. Now, these websites have to be indexed. Each search engine has different guidelines that it carries out the ranking process based on. It implements more algorithms that come up with a score for each of these websites and ranks the websites based on the scores. Both the crawling and indexing process take place frequently to ensure the search engine results are up to date.


3. Search Engine Results Page(SERP)


The Search engine then compares these results for all the keywords that could show up in a query. Then, for each keyword, it comes up with an elaborate list of results.


Best Search engines


Here is a comprehensive list of all the more popular search engines you could use: 


1. Google


Google is the most popular and heavily used search engine. In fact, it has 63,000 searches every second. Google has a reputation for bringing simply the best results for each netizen. Not only does Google offer search results but also other solutions such as Cloud services, maps, and more.


2. Baidu


Launching projects with Qualcomm and Intel. Baidu is used extensively by the whole of China. Just like Google, Baidu is expanding from just being a search engine to providing all types of solutions and it is also carrying out automation projects with some huge companies.


3. Bing


Bing was established by Microsoft in an attempt to create a search engine as robust as Google. Though it could not surpass Google, it comes a close second as it is mostly used in countries like the US.


4. Yahoo!


Yahoo was very popular back in the 90s. However, they could not keep up with the proliferating innovations and have dropped in rankings. They are still among the top 5 search engines.


5. Yandex


Yandex dominates among Russian netizens where more than half of the population uses it as a search engine instead. They are also constantly developing their algorithms to bring the best results for their users.


6. DuckDuckGo


This search engine has a bit of a special feature. They do not trace your history. This may make them superior when it comes to privacy, however, this also means they would not be able to bring you personalized results based on AI algorithms that all other search engines are constantly developing on. This limits many other features but if privacy is the goal, DuckDuckGo is the preferred search engine. It may get a little tricky when it comes to advertising as you will not be able to view what your consumers searched for to come up with apt keywords and a solid strategy as a whole.


Final Takeaway


If you are planning to advertise on these platforms, you need to be aware of the differences between them and what they can bring to the table. Hence, for more informed decision-making, you can seek out the best SEO company in Dubai and brainstorm on which search engine would be the best choice for your business. I hope that our blog had cleared some of your doubts. Seeking assistance in SEO? Contact us today.


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