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10 Enterprise Project Management Tools for Better Organization

When running an enterprise, utilizing spreadsheets and office tools is like trying to put out the flames of a forest with a water gun. A plethora of agreements, documents, discussions, progress, and arrangements can be overwhelming to keep track of.


Suppose you are managing many departments, multiple agencies, and a multitude of employees simultaneously. In that case, you need a system that can aid you in planning, aligning, and communicate on projects among teams spread across the globe. This will make sure your business runs as smoothly as possible.


Tools for managing projects in the enterprise let you track, plan and manage project schedules, collaborate with departments across the organization, align visions and resources, offer 360-degree perspectives of progress, automate tasks, and manage projects.


1. Infinity 


Infinity Enterprise Project Management Software makes budget tracking resources management, budget planning and collaboration easy for any organization with 10 to 100 employees.


This is a one-size-fits-all kind of tool, which means you can use it to manage the entire organization, begin and plan projects, store important data, oversee teams and tasks and more. It combines all of the essential details in one place. It allows you to break the projects into manageable tasks, groups them into departments, assigns tasks, establishes deadlines, and track the progress of everyone's work.


2. Clarizen


Clarizen, a top project management software, can manage portfolios and other features to aid your business through constant change. Clarizen comes with powerful enterprise project-management capabilities; however, it also provides a stunning user interface that's easy to customize.


Clarizen's flexible workflows make it simple to increase productivity and concentrate throughout an organization. In addition, they are easy to integrate with the corporate practices of companies.


3. allows you to manage and connect the entirety of your business's portfolio. This enterprise project management tool is equipped to handle every step of the way, from planning to data-driven insights, so you can efficiently complete projects one at a time with ease and clarity. In addition, provides tools for collaboration and report-writing that improve its functionality and decrease the amount of time moving between tabs.


Now that we've touched on's time-saving capabilities, It's worth noting that the platform's capabilities are backed by various automations that allow you to push your projects and portfolios even further!


Every workflow can be turned into templates. It's easy to use the template to share it with the entire team. In addition, it is possible to customize the platform to meet your needs and view the project's data in the hundreds and dive deep into the specifics of each project in the portfolio.



The project management software has some unique features like it allows you to plan and select who should work in one place with tasks, subtasks, folders, and who should be responsible if the task isn’t complete on time. It builds a better way of connecting with the team and helps to manage project scope, functional workflow. Ultimate Business System (UBS) is leading the charts in providing the best project management software in India.

5. ProofHub


ProofHub is an enterprise-level project management tool that allows teams to plan, visualize, and manage projects. It can also help teams collaborate at every stage of the process, from the planning stage and delivery through execution. You control all aspects of the projects, team activities, and analytics and other information.


All your discussions and convos should be in one place? ProofHub can accomplish this. Assignment of tasks, sharing responsibilities and establishing priorities for functions? This is crucial. You can track the progress of each job and keep track of time spent. Mhm. Are you staying up to date with the latest developments on projects? Making innovative use of resources? Yes.


This software comes with many more functionalities that can streamline your processes and boost efficiency across every large company. For example, Kanban boards, also known as Gantt charts, can arrange tasks into stages and establish dependencies. It is also possible to see how tasks fit in the context of projects. This can help you learn about workflows and inspire team members to manage their jobs to stick within the timeframe.


6. Wrike


Wrike, which is now part of Citrix, is an enterprise-grade work management system that comes with an array of features that will enhance the efficiency of cross-functional and remote teams and boost the growth of your business.


It offers a 360-degree perspective of your projects and departments and a detailed overview of your workloads and critical tasks to ensure you stay up-to-date with the progress of the whole enterprise, clearly see priorities, quickly find important information and make intelligent decisions.


The flexible interface, dashboards, and workflows allow you to adapt Wrike's interface to your team's specific needs.




With, You can plan and schedule projects with beautiful Gantt charts that are designed to perfection. Keep track of tasks, projects budgets, teams and projects with real-time dashboards that present the information in charts that project managers and team members can quickly comprehend. Not only that, this tool lets you manage team workload as well as resources and help bring balance, so no one is overwhelmed with work while still staying highly productive.


Built-in project portfolio management capabilities let companies manage multiple projects at the same time. Portfolios can be organized into software and create interdependencies between projects and then split them by tasks to allow them to be worked on together.


8. Jira


Jira Enterprise Work Management Software that includes Issue and Project Tracking Features is ideal for developers. With it, you can plan projects, distribute tasks throughout the company, get complete transparency of work progress, talk about your teams working on projects, and even make sure you release your excellent software before the deadline.


Jira's standard workflow is what makes it unique. You can choose from various workflows or create the one that's best suited to the way your team does things.


Automated and powered by automation, with Jira, you don't need to begin from scratch. Instead, you can make the most of Jira's templates built-in to start quickly, quickly assign issues, and automate software releases for efficiency.


9. Trello


Trello is a class of tools for managing projects in the enterprise that are trusted by large teams worldwide. It is an excellent choice for businesses with more than 100 users. It connects users, increases productivity, and offers the highest level of control, security, and support and control.


Trello is loaded with excellent tools that let you optimize workflows, track projects and keep them organized. In addition, Trello gives you complete access to all projects via native Dashboard and Table views. This allows you to view how they connect and help to improve your workflow.


The organization and membership controls of Trello let you efficiently manage access to tasks and projects. It also allows you to keep track of progress and monitor activities across several boards at once. This allows everyone to collaborate smoothly while admins can keep confidential work.


10. Asana


Asana, a robust enterprise project management tool, grants you access to an entire range of features that will assist you in achieving your goals. You won't have to move between applications and emails to ensure your projects stay on track. Asana's Enterprise plan is specifically designed to offer greater control and power through planning, organizing and managing work and execution of projects.


You can monitor everyone's activities watch tasks and teams, and receive real-time status updates. This helps you make sure that your employees are working on their projects at the right time.

Asana improves communication and keeps everyone in the same place: teammates, clients, and vendors. It also makes essential items such as files, feedback projects, feedback, and other details easy to find and share within and outside the organization.


Wrapping Up


It isn't easy to locate a tool that every project team in your organization will have a common understanding of. As a result, it can be challenging to determine the most appropriate tool for your enterprise.


Project management software is software that is used for project planning, scheduling, resource management, employee engagement, task assignment, and change management. It allows project managers to control projects in one single window. Ultimate Business System (UBS) provides a streamlined and organized PMS solution that makes the daily project work faster and improves the quality of work. 


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