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How to obtain a Cisco certificate?

 Cisco is one of the leading IT solutions companies globally recognised for its products and services. Cisco also offers several certificate programs relating to the IT industry. The certificates provided by this multinational firm are considered in high regard by the IT industry.


Candidates having the cisco certification tag on their CV are given a preference by the employers of big-scale IT firms. Students and working professionals choose to go for the Cisco programs to improve their employability and attain a salary hike. But Cisco offers a wide range of certificates, and choosing the right programme may become a tad confusing.


Hence, all of the primary options available to get yourself certified are discussed in this article with their pre-requisite details so that one can understand where they stand and which certificate would suit them the most. The Cisco Certification programs are mainly categorisedrecognised into five segments that are as follows:


        Entry-level certificates

        Associate certificates

        Professional certificates

        Expert certificates

        Architect certificate


Entry-level certificates


The entry-level certificate is the basic one that does not require any prior knowledge. One certificate program comes under the entry-level certification provided by Cisco, and the name of this program is CCT (Cisco Certified Technician).


CCT further includes two subjects, namely CCT data Center and CCT routing and switching. Thus, CCT is the starting or entry point of the networking expertise and can be obtained by beginners.




Associate level certificates


The associate-level certificates are a bit more extended than the entry-level CCT. But still, there is no formal degree required for attaining the Cisco associate certificate. The most popular associate-level certificate program is the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certificate. 


Cisco CCNA is vastly chosen as this program offers the fundamentals of the IT networking concepts with automation and data. But along with the CCNA, there are two more certificate programs included in the associate certificates that can be chosen based on the candidate's interests. 



Associate level Cisco Certificates 



 Devnet associate 

 Skills relating to the development and maintenance of the applications built on cisco platforms. 


 Fundamentals of network systems, security operations, automation IT, data, etc. 

 Cyber-ops associate 

Cyber security fundamentals and operations. 


The CCNA associate Cisco Certification is usually considered a priority among candidates who achieve expertise after completing the Cisco CCNA certification. For example, one can target industry-specific skills such as data centre, routing and switching, service provider, CCNA Video, CCNA Voice, and wireless.


Many institutes provide exam-specific CCNA training, which helps crack the CCNA exam to attain the Cisco certificate. Koenig Solutions is one such institute that provides CCNA courses online and offline as well. And the CCNA course fee varies depending upon whether you choose the group or 1-on-1 training for Cisco CCNA certification or otherwise.


Professional level certificates


Professional level certificates offer a skilled approach in a particular core technology rather than combining various subjects altogether. These certificates increase the professional ability of the candidate. Three main programs are included in the professional level Cisco Certification that are:

1.     Devnet professional

2.     CCNP enterprise

3.     CCNP collaboration 


Expert certificates


Now the expert-level Cisco courses are more advanced than entry-level and associate-level programs. Beginners are not advised to go for the programs included in the expert level certificates. Moreover, the expert's certificate provided by Cisco is globally accepted as a significant achievement, and candidates having this certificate are given preference worldwide.


The programs included at the expert level are as follows

1.     CCDE (Cisco Certified Design Expert)

2.     CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) Enterprise infrastructure

3.     CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) Enterprise wireless

4.     CCIE collaboration


Architect certificate


The architect certificate is the highest level of accreditation one can attain within Cisco certification programs. CCAR or cisco certified architect is recognized as the highest architectural expertise of network designers. Unfortunately, this is certificate is the most difficult one to attain, and it's not everyone's cup of tea to be designated as the CCAR.


And one crucial point to note over here is that the applications to obtain the CCAR are now closed for good, and no new application is being accepted anymore.


That was an introduction to the various Cisco Certification programs available. Now you, based on your interests and individual expertise, can opt for the most suitable course.







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