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Top 5 Languages for Business Translation | LenguaePro

With the world going global, it became a prime concern for every organization to effort for higher vision and make comprehensive approaches for their business. The Internet has lessened the distance barrier between companies and clients, it’s facile to connect to the customers sitting miles away in just a few clicks and calls. Certainly, language can still be a barrier in some cases. Although language translation services made it easy to attain worldwide customers and meet their needs according to their vision, it becomes easy for companies to join hands with no bar of language.

English still holds the top spot but to expand your business across borders you need to focus on communicating in different languages that hold a stand in the world’s business market.

Each country has its own language and to globalize your business you need to communicate in the native language of your customers. According to the estimation, 72% of the potential customers choose products and services from the websites built in their native languages.

So, let’s say if you want to gain a Spanish crowd for your business you’ll need a Spanish translation agency to build the connection.

Apart from English let’s focus on the top 5 languages to grow your business internationally.



In the last few decades, China spectated an exponential growth in global businesses. Since it has the world’s second-largest economy proceeding the USA, Mandarin is ought to be the most useful business language in the world.

Around 14.4% of the world population is a native speaker of Mandarin, it is the most widely spoken language in the world with approx. 1 billion speakers worldwide.

So for the penetration in the Chinese market, you need to attain an approach covering all essential concepts of Mandarin speakers. Imagine if only 5-10% of Mandarin speakers responded to your website, products, and services, it would be a great achievement to look at.

Language translation agencies have experts who are prone to translation and interpretation services in Mandarin to provide companies their targeted customers without any stopple.




Spanish becomes an appealing language for the translation industry since it stands as an official language of Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay, the United States, and many other countries. Succeeding English, Spanish is the second most spoken language in Europe. Around 414 million Spanish speakers have resided in Europe and America, moreover, 37.6 million US resides speak Spanish. Since Spanish is a worldwide language, it is an inclination point for companies to translate their website and other advertisements in Spanish to achieve global customers easily. 

A large Spanish-speaking community called the Hispanic belongs to the USA, therefore, if you want to target the US market, you need to focus on interpretation and translation of your company in Spanish to spread your business worldwide.



Russia is a country with enormous land size, natural resources an emerging economy, and the largest oil producer which makes it necessary to gain customers from the Russian market if a company believes in growing globally. It is the 8th most common spoken language in the world and a native to around 250 million people. Russian is one of the six official languages of the United States which makes it globally important in terms of international relations, diplomacy, and trade. In addition to this, Moscow has the highest billionaire population of any city in the world which makes Russian an essential language for the translation industry to work on.




Arabic is the official language of 27 countries consisting of 295 million native speakers, it is also widely spoken by the people of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. Arabic is considered to be one of the most crucial languages as it paves the path for business markets of the Middle East Arab countries, Egypt, and Israel. Because of the oil reserves, the Arabic language plays an important role in the business world.

Arabic is considered to be the language of the future. Six Arabic countries are a part of the USA. Moreover, the top 50 export goods markets having a worth more than Italy, Spain, and China belong to the Arabs. Thus, Arabic is what the future demands. Arabic translation agency provides professional translation services according to the market requirements to have a global approach towards the business vision.



Portuguese may not seem like an obvious option, we could certainly not forget that it is the native language of Brazil with approx. 209 million population. It is the sixth most spoken language worldwide. It is the second most spoken language in Latin America and in some African nations too. Portuguese has always been an important language in the business world, it certainly came into recognition a few years back.

Portuguese translation agency found an increasing translation service in this language by many organizations which helped them improve their business connections and focus on a global vision.


Choose your translation agency wisely as it will determine the reach of your brand and help you influence the global audience in no time. Translation of your website into a native language makes it user-friendly and highly efficient in terms of marketing and business goals. Languages create an emotional connection among customers which makes them check out your contents, products, services, and website.

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