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Why Logos Still Matter Even In 2021


Invest more time and effort into a logo than money

A business need not invest heavily in terms of cash to get a logo that sells amazingly. It needs to invest wisely. Twitter got its simple yet memorable logo for only $15. The Nike logo converts potential customers faster than what its founding fathers imagined but it got its logo only for $35. Though acquiring this strategic tool does require considerable finances these days yet it also does require spending reasonable time and energy. The logo you create must depict what you want your business to say.

This means all you need to do is to find the right professional service. However, before starting your quest to find the rightlogo designing agency, read this blog to get a firm grasp of what purposes does a logo serve in 2021. Is it the same or have the ground realities changed as of now? This blog will provide you the answer.

Logos still serve the same purposes but to a greater extent – here is why

I’m sure an overwhelming majority of the readers will be able to instantly recognize the business associated with each of these logos. So do you want to have a logo that serves as an instant reminder of what your business is all about? And why customers should trust and value your offer over your competitors?

The reality remains the same even though we are midway through 2021. Every business needs a logo that will generate a feeling of recognition and an aura of authenticity. This concept is still valid to this day.

A business needs to consider many aspects since its inception which include but are not limited to the company’s name, target audience, and branding. These decisions are important as they can make your business a success or cause it to break. As far as branding is concerned, your business logo is the first thing that potential customers consider. It makes the first impression of your business and this is why it needs to be the very best.

Research conducted by the Journal of Consumer Research established that the logo holds far more important than previously considered. A logo, all logo designing agencies suggest affects how a viewer would go on to perceive the brand associated with the logo. Everything about the logo from its colors to shape has an impact on the consumer decision.

The three undeniable and still relevant to this day uses of a logo

From helping create a great first impression to helping your brand gets recognized and fostering brand loyalty, a logo stands relevant to this day.

Even in current times, the first thing that consumers see about a company is its logo. So what does that mean? It means a logo serves as the face of your business. It is the logo that will be creating the first impression in the mind of potential customers about your business. So the best thing about a logo is that it has the power to get your brand noticed by creating a first positive impression that lasts a long time or even better – for a lifetime.

As mentioned above, a logo in the present day helps customers recognize your business and what it stands for in the market. The more memorable a logo, the greater would be the ease of recognition. All you need is the right logo and it will be identified with your business by the customers.

As far as boosting brand recognition is concerned, a logo is the first step to getting your brand universally acclaimed. However, a logo goes a step ahead by fostering brand loyalty and getting customers hooked to your brand. A logo is created with the right tricks will make your customers latch on to your business both emotionally and physically.

As far as brand loyalty is concerned, a business needs to move a step ahead of merely winning customers. It needs to turn potential customers and into actual customers and then a part of its loyal customer base. This is where a logo still comes into use.

In a nutshell: The 10 uses of the logo still valid in 2021

-         Reveals a business’s identity

-         Serves to invite potential customers to learn about your business

-         Can be utilized on multiple platforms

-         Highlights your professionalism

-         Builds trust

-         Creates an emotional connection with the potential customers

-         Ensures consistency in your branding efforts

-         Leaves a lasting impression

Bottom line

There are plenty of other reasons why a logo is still important in 2021. However, these reasons will give you a pretty fair idea of why you still need to focus on acquiring a great logo for your business. Design a logo by investing ample time and effort to create something which will resonate feelings of trust and perception which you want your customers to perceive. Give your customers something more than an image that would inspire them to do business with you.

Things to keep in mind while creating the perfect logo

The logo design must be original (not plagiarized) and innovative. It needs to be relevant for today and also for the future. The design must be simple as such designs are easier to remember. Utilize an effective color scheme to evoke emotions from customers that are a reflection of your brand.

For professional assistance on creating a logo that will help you brand your business in the most professional manner, or to learn in detail what it takes to create a stunning logo, you may approach Epic Design Solutions. Equipped with a team of experts, we offer original and unique logos that have a flair for attracting customers and fostering brand recognition and loyalty.


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