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What is Al Marketing? Guide to investing

on AI Marketing

What is Al Marketing? The 4.0 era with the development of artificial intelligence AI, cloud computing, the construction industry, and 3D printing opens a new technology era. Along with the development of technology, advertising forms gradually changed to automatic forms run by robots.

With that technology, the way to make money from the form of Affiliate marketing is also invested by many people. Typical here in the form of marketing with recent development. So what is AI marketing? How does it make money? How to invest in AI marketing, ... All will be in the article below.

What is AI marketing?

Everyone knows that Ai Marketing is done by computers and algorithms, not humans. Therefore, businesses, organizations, and individuals are quick to bring operational efficiency and save costs.

Through these platforms, marketers can better understand their target audiences.  The insights gathered through this process can then be used.  For example, the information of customers who love to shop is statistically and aggregated to help you have preference strategies, give discount codes, and coupons to attract customers.  To drive conversions while reducing the workload for Marketing teams.

With Ai Marketing, when investing, we can check what money is used today, run for which brand, run how much and get how much.  There is a contract signing date and a clear collection date.

What is MarketBot?

It is the use of artificial intelligence technology that analyzes consumer behavior that allows predicting future demand. MarketBot selects promising products, analyzes trends on social media and search engline queries. A team of experts develops and runs advertising campaigns.

Currently, Marketbot (Robot using AI algorithms to advertise products) is owned by Wexford Alliance Limited company located in Hong Kong and has a product copyright certificate.

Guide to investing in Ai Marketing

Sign up for an account

Step 1: To register for an investment account on AI marketing, visit the registration page here:

Then click on SIGN IN/SIGN UP 

Step 2: You choose the brain icon, why choose the brain? I will share it in the investment experience section!

Step 3: Select Register now at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Fill in the information as shown in the image below. Note that you need to enter the first name, last name information that matches the information on the official ID, phone, and email that you often use. The purpose is to later authenticate KYC and make plastic cards.

  • Once completed, select to confirm "I'm not a robot" and then click Register

At this point, the interface on AI marketing is displayed, the account registration is complete. After registering for 2-3 days, there is an advance of $ 50 in your account.

Follow the account after registration

If you successfully register an account, after 2-3 days, the system will automatically transfer $ 50 in advance to the advertising budget. To see how the performance is running, go to the Statistics section to see it!

Note that the refund will deduct the $ 50 you have advanced in advance. Here my profit is 25.6$. To be able to withdraw, you need to have enough $ 100 in your account (no withdrawal fee and advance deducted). If you want to withdraw, you must deposit at least $75 to be able to withdraw.

Deposit money to account

You can use $ 50 to practice investing on the floor first, after you have experience and experience, if you think it's ok, you can deposit money into your account to invest!

To deposit money into your account, you must first go to the deposit section.

Step 1: Enter the amount you want to deposit into your account on AI marketing. For me, I choose to play small and deposit $ 100 first.

Step 2: Choose a payment method. There are many forms of payment gateways via Visa/Mastercard, cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ether ERC 20.

  • Select Pay via Visa/Mastercard -> Enter payment information.

  • After completing, click Checkout $100. At this time, the system sends the OTP code on the phone number you registered the card with.

  • Enter the OTP code, now the money will go to account.

Experience in investing in AI marketing

Registered account

In the beginning, when I entered to register for an account, I said that I should choose to register for an account in the picture of a brain, not a Google account.

Because in, you make money from investing in robots that run ads and collect commissions on each order. In addition to this form, also has a policy for community developers, i.e. system marketers.

  • If you register with a brain image, you can both invest money for the robot to run ads and do system marketing.

  • If you only register with a Google account, the system will not work, only suitable for those who want to invest in advertising robots.

How to use other people's money to invest

Do not hear me wrong! This is one of the thoughts in the hearts of investors in the world.

When you sign up for an account, you will receive $50 in advance in your investment account. For those of you who are afraid of scams, you can use this $ 50 to try investment. Looks good and can invest more.

How to use other people's money to invest here?

That is, you can use the money in your credit card to invest $100 in advance. Because usually the profit on investment will be returned to the account in 20 to 40 days. Depending on the time of comparison of brands.

You use the profit earned to pay for an advance of $ 50 and when you reach $ 100, you can withdraw your money.

Use the profits to continue investing to earn profits from the following months. Now you don't need to spend a dime of your own. This is how I invest in, using money to make money.


Above is an article about what Al Marketing is and a detailed guide to investing in AI Marketing.  Warren Buffet once said, “The most important investment is in yourself.” I hope through the article you have a better view of investing in AI marketing. Good luck.

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