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7 Reasons Why Displaying Social Media Feeds Will Benefit You ?


Social media platforms have become a profitable way for businesses to connect with their target audience. It shows how engaging and effective social media content is. Then why not bring this engagement to other platforms by using social media content because all your target audience is not on social media platforms. 

Presenting social media feeds on websites or display screens is an innovative way to improve the connection with the target audience. All you need to make sure is that it looks visually appealing, is interactive, and fresh.

Still not sure about using social media feeds on websites and displays? We have discussed seven main reasons why you should display social media feeds on your website.

7 Reasons Why Displaying Social Media Feeds Will Benefit You

1. Build Brand Awareness and Trust

Besides sharing the content created by your marketers, businesses need to show diverse content to build brand awareness. The best way is to use user-generated content. You can get a lot of UGC from social media platforms. Using tools like Taggbox will help you collect and curate social media walls. The UGC acts as social proof for your customers and builds brand awareness and trust amongst the target audience.

2. Increase Engagement and Network

Social media platforms are event tools that engage people. So when you use social media content on different platforms, it will drive engagement. For example, you embed social media widgets on websites. Showcasing social media feeds on the website will make it more engaging and visually appealing. Your website visitors will give attention to the social media feed, and thus it will increase the dwell time.

You can display the social feed on digital signage in events or venues like educational institutions, healthcare centers, retail stores, restaurants, offices, etc. It will engage your visitors and allow them to consume your content while they are at the venue.

You can also drive more traffic to your social media accounts. New people who are being introduced to your brand can visit your social media pages after seeing your interactive feed on the website.

3. Increase Conversions

Social media feed helping increase conversions; sounds unbelievable, right? But it’s not. Showcasing social media feeds on your website can increase sales and conversions. We have discussed above how it acts as social proof making the target audience believe in your brand. It increases the chances of conversions as you have already won half of the battle.

With effective social media aggregator tools, you can turn your social media website widget into shoppable galleries. You can add the product tags to the social media posts and link them to the product page for initiating direct purchases. This practice will increase your conversion rate and multiply your sales.

4. Show fresh updates

Social media is an addictive platform which is why people are always active on social media. They constantly share content on social media. Therefore, you will find fresh content every few minutes. So by displaying social media walls or feeds using social media aggregator tools, you can show new content to your audience. You can even auto-update the feed, so it shows new content automatically. It reduces the hassle of planning and creating fresh content regularly.

5. Repurpose Content

Much creative content is created for different social media channels by brands that are only used on those platforms. But you can re-use the content by publishing it on your websites or displaying it on your digital signage. Utilizing the same content at more places is a cost-effective strategy for your business.

6. Encourage customers to create more UGC/get more deals with influencers

Sharing social media content created by your customers and influencers on your website or digital signage will encourage them to produce more shareable content. For them, it is like the feeling of being featured by a brand or business. You are indirectly giving them the feeling of being popular. Such acts will motivate them to create more content and get a chance to be featured by your brand. How is it profitable for your business? It gives you free well-curated content and increases participation from your customers.

7. Integrate Multimedia content from different platforms in one space 

You can collect content from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms on one screen. It will make your content more visually appealing, relevant, and engaging. Use social media aggregators to do this work.


Displaying social media feed on websites or digital signage is a result-oriented way to promote your brand and content. Using it will multiply the engagement and conversion with the target audience. 

Add social media content to your website in the form of widgets or shoppable galleries or display it on digital signage. Make use of a social media aggregator tool to create an interactive and visually presentable content feed. It’s time you implement these methods and upscale your business. 

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