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4 Secrets to Create Online Customers who Pay You

 The 4 Secrets to Create Online Customers Who Pay You

1. Build Authentic Content Artificial intelligence isn’t going to solve the “content gap.” we’re going to have to work harder than ever to really create amazing content that speaks to people. This is precisely what Stephen Quayle is teaching at Badgero University as well as advising anyone interested in content marketing. What kind of content do you want to create? What kind of questions will you ask? Who is going to buy from you?” What we know about content In short, we know that we want it to make a difference.

Give them something

This may seem obvious, but the reason why almost 50% of online companies fail to convert on a regular basis is that they’re not giving enough value to their customers. There are a few major reasons why you won’t get customers to pay. These are two. They don’t trust you. They’re just plain bored and ready to switch to the next site or app. You will not get customers to pay unless you have: They trust you Without trust, online customers are not motivated to spend money. This is even more true when people are in a hurry to make a purchase. They don’t want to spend more time on your site just to find out that you’re a scam.


Give them more

As an eCommerce shop owner, there is no shortage of merchandise or services you need to provide. The problem lies in the lack of accessibility. It’s all about the product which puts the customer in a hurry, leaving the company to suffer the consequences. You can address this issue by giving them something else. This doesn’t mean going into their personal details and details about their health and diet. What it does mean is that you provide them with the option to buy what they are actually looking for. Whether it is a certificate they can print out or a photo copy of their loved one in the family, it’s not all that often that people need the item they are browsing. The solution? Put them into the purchasing loop by providing them with the option to buy.


Give them something different

If you’ve scrolled through a car-rating website recently, chances are you might have noticed that it isn’t all about numbers. Popular for its ‘car reviews’ feature, they go on to explain the car buyer’s perspective on the car before making a final verdict. They don’t bombard you with a big number in the corner to cover up a disappointing car rating, but simply give you the information you need to make a decision. How does this differ from traditional ads? We’ve seen it time and again that compelling content is more effective than any form of advertisement when it comes to enticing consumers. Giving them information rather than an ad that simply touts a product will set your brand apart and will be the reason for their continued return visit.



With so much to choose from, how will you ever be able to prioritise them? There’s no “one size fits all” approach for generating money from customers; in fact, there is no way to guarantee customers will ever pay. There’s no “one size fits all” approach for generating money from customers; in fact, there is no way to guarantee customers will ever pay. No wonder you’re turning away potential customers when you create an online marketing strategy. The key is to understand your customer and provide a unique value proposition that differentiates you from competitors.

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