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Tips And Tricks For Burning Crusade Player Leveling

Tips And Tricks For Burning Crusade Player Leveling

Tips for TBC leveling

For the purpose of this guide, we’ll be going over Classic level 70 Heroes Don’t forget about Berthas Be warned: farming Zone 12 (Legion base) in Act IV Do not farm all the regular difficulty zones if you are not level 70 Don’t skip this last zone: Tiragarde Keep The majority of your TBC gear will be starting from level 61 Work on leveling your class to a maxed level of 50 Always pick up loot from players outside the instance or instanced dungeons Solo your level ranges, or at least play on the most difficult option for that range If you are level 65 and you are looking to level your Sorcerer to level 66, for example, then you should consider picking a difficult environment to explore like Act IV is when leveling a Sorcerer.


How to get to TBC level 70 quickly

Assuming that you don’t plan on trading levels, and that you haven’t maxed out your equipment stats, there are a couple of ways to farm XP while leveling. The first method is to spend time to get good at one or two things. If you can, you can focus on two or three things: One class, like an assassin, could focus on mastery of a few abilities, or a raid boss might be a good target. Pick one thing you like to do, or one thing you’re really good at, and spend a lot of time doing it. This way, if you finish off one or two things that you’re really good at (say, the Akaal’s Champion trophy and the Bloodthorn achievement), then you’re just left with having to grind the rest of the way.


General Tips for Burning Crusade Leveling

Looting There are countless alt-souls that can be plucked from the WoW TBC version of Outland, meaning that all players who wish to raise their character’s level beyond 70 have no excuse for not being able to clear the many different regions in Outland. So what’s the fastest way to level up beyond level 60? This is where the endgame item dailies come into play. Since the main reason you’re grinding TBC level 80 alt souls through your daily, will not be for the XP or kill XP, but for the massive currency rewards you’ll be receiving for doing so, make sure to assign a significant chunk of your daily XP to dailies. Ideally, you will be upgrading your gear to level 90, so this means you’ll need to either farm alt souls through alt-souls with your most valuable gear or you’ll have to dailies.


Zone Grinding

To get maximum experience and gold out of your grind through the zones, we recommend spending your first 50 levels in the 3 lower outer zones, instead of starting in Outland. Doing so will mean more experience and gold for you to progress with when you enter the core of the game, but it will also provide you with more time to become familiar with how to move around the zones and progress your character through them. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the core zones in WoW Classic at the end of the level range, try putting yourself into 3 of the outer zones instead, where the enemy is much weaker and doesn’t know you exist. First and foremost, we’re going to discuss the tradeoff between “Leveling a Single Character”, or “Leveling a Character in All Regions”.


Profession Grinding

Most professions in the game will see a lot of grinding and farming in the first several levels, as your character will have plenty of ways to obtain experience points (XP) right away. Talents: Some talents unlock the stats of the items you are wearing. For example, Windraker (Level 7) will give you a 10% speed buff for a couple seconds when you are sprinting. Forcing an item to gain strength from experience may result in a speed buff. Some talents will cause stats to increase when you wear a particular item, such as the rare +10% Damage granted by the Crimson Bracers (Level 10). Some talents are negative, such as the Level 20 Blast of The Flaming Hand talent, which will reduce all damage you do by 5%.



To wrap things up, here are a couple quick things you should know about the leveling process. The 1-5 bar UI system used in TBC works quite differently from what was used in TBC Classic. The stacking system introduced in TBC Classic, and that still exists in the vanilla version of WoW, is still in the process of being updated and improved upon. For example, you may have noticed the stacking tabs for your character’s 10 level gear sets in your character customization window are currently missing. In addition to removing those tabs, Blizzard is adding a progression wheel to the UI for completing the tiers of gear, which allows you to get each piece of equipment that is available without having to stack the gear until it hits a certain level.

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