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Virtual Phone System for Your Small Business

Virtual Phone System for Your Small Business 

A Virtual Phone System for Your Small Business Made Simple

Do You Need a Virtual Phone System? Is your business telephone system outdated and at risk of being lost in a pile of wires, batteries, and paperwork? While businesses have to deal with outdated technology from time to time, if you have a computer, phone, and internet connection, then you don’t necessarily need to worry. Virtual phone systems are a great option for small businesses that don’t need a physical landline in their office. Even if you have a handful of clients or customers, you can set up a virtual phone system that connects you to them. With one company’s help, you can have all of your telephone communication set up in a matter of minutes. That’s especially helpful for companies that have a limited number of lines.


Why Choose a Virtual Phone System?

You don’t need to be a technophobe to set up a system, and it’s fairly straightforward. And if you’re an existing business, you have the benefit of the experience you’ve gained over the years. That said, virtual phone systems aren’t simple. The first thing you have to do is choose the best phone service for your organization. With phone systems, you don’t just select one from a list. You need to be sure the system you choose will meet your business’s needs. For instance, what type of features should you have? How many extensions should you have? How much bandwidth do you have for each extension? How much phone work do you expect each extension to perform? These are just a few of the questions you need to answer when choosing a new phone system.


How to Get Started with a Virtual Phone System

Setting Up the Virtual Phone System Once you choose your package, your business phone should be working just like you would expect it to, depending on the package. Some businesses may be fine with their virtual phone system simply being set to ring. If you have a high volume of calls from a phone number that you’re not changing, then this is fine. If, however, you like to add and remove numbers easily, then a program like HelloFax could come in handy. It helps you find the number of the incoming call, who the caller is, and then copies and sends the information on to you. This eliminates much of the time and headache you may have with going through tons of phone numbers in your directory and accounts.


How to Know if a VoIP System is Right for You

The idea of a virtual phone system may be scary at first. But we’ll help you understand this and see how it can help your business. At the heart of a VoIP system is an application that connects your business with your virtual phone system provider. This allows calls to be made from your business to the provider. For instance, if you’re calling a client who works for a different company, you may need to first dial the call from their workplace. Once it’s connected, you simply share a password with the virtual phone system provider, and they take over for you. Your call is then routed to the company they work for. So for example, if you’re calling the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, the voice on the other end will be the CEO’s voice, not yours.


Other Alternatives to the Virtual Phone System

Of course, there are other types of phone service that aren’t as related to a Virtual Phone System, but for this example, the two products are pretty much at the same level. Ask for a basic phone number or business number from your phone service provider so that you can communicate via a landline. While this may seem simple, it’s actually a difficult thing to find and it’s one of the first things that comes up when you search for a cheap option. As you might expect, VoIP products are very affordable, easy to set up and don’t limit your communication options much. But that doesn’t mean you can call and text with your phones. You can do that, but it will be a bit more limited than using a virtual phone system.



In addition to giving you a clear sense of what a virtual phone system is, virtual phone by Vonage can help you decide which one is right for your needs. You can learn more here.

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