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Latest Tools used in SEO for improving the Rank in SERPs

 Millions of new websites get uploaded on the web every year. These websites compete against each other to come up in SERPs. Do you want to raise your rankings? You can increase potential prospects to reach for your website. Are you looking to improve your conversion rate? What are the ways that help you get more results with less money? The simple answer to all these questions! Search Engine Optimization.


SEO works by attracting and pulling traffic towards your website rather than pushing them. It is the best digital marketing technique to leverage your brand awareness and increase your presence online. Furthermore, search engines keep on changing optimization algorithms to display better user search results. Here you will find details about the recent SEO tools in the market.


What are the latest SEO tools for improving your rankings on SERPs?


Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt Generator is a pretty valuable tool for generating Robots. Txt file. You need not worry about writing code from scratch. Enter the details of files that you don't want the web spider to crawl on. It will produce the search engine-friendly Robot .txt file. In the end, you need to verify all details manually as a minor error could badly impact your SEO.


Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the best tool to show how search engines consider your website. It will alert technical SEO problems like decreased website traffic, genuine click, and impressions. Also, you can inform Google that you have fixed the alerted issue.


You can submit your sitemap and check the status of indexing on Google. Furthermore, you can choose to inspect your website's URL for crawling and ranking on SERPs. And you can access SEO company India to solve any optimization issues.




Siteliner is a fantastic tool that gives you on-the-spot reports on on-site issues. You can get information about:

     Meta robots tags, namely nofollow and noindex links.

     Duplicate content pages on your website and whether canonical tags are there or not.

     Siteliner tells live data about 404 status error codes and 301 redirects.

     You can submit Robots .txt files in this tool and see any errors in the file.


SEO managers can also create XML and image sitemaps with Siteliner. is a dynamic and efficient tool that helps you design credible and trustworthy content for your website. Do you want trending keywords in your niche and industry? You'll get all the relevant keywords, their synonyms, and LSI keywords. is the one-stop solution for all.


You can use different combinations of keywords in the meta description, H1, H2 tags, alt image tag, and within an article to rise much above the competition. Additionally, you can address your customers' pain points and convert them into leads using these keywords.



The Majestic SEO tool is the complete Link Building guide for you. It helps you to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level. You can get a full analysis of incoming links to your website:

     How many backlinks are there, and which source?

     Are there any unique incoming links recently referring to your site?

     What is the status of a search engine, social media, and other famous sites related to your content?

In short, Majestic is influential in developing your internet public relations and rise in your domain.



SpyFu is the group SEO tool. You can take it as a hub for verifying your on-page and off-page SEO parameters. There is a wide variety of competitor's search analyses on SpyFu. It helps track how search engines are considering your competitor's data online. With this, you can learn from their mistakes and add a fresh perspective and value for the customers.


Other than that, you can relax on backlinks, SEO keywords, upcoming keywords in the market, and the ranking history of your website.



Woorank is the tool that combines SEO with generating more traffic, revenue and offering digital marketing to its customers. It is easy to analyze your SEO flaws, create qualified leads, and perform white-hat optimization efforts on your website. In turn, it expands your reach in the market and improves your presence. You can target content marketing, social media marketing, and technical SEO with Woorank.



SERPSim is unique in that it lets you simulate your website performance as per SERPs standards. You must have seen snippets on the search engine result pages. It leaves the first and lasting impression on the search engine visitors. Or it is the best way to tap into the potential of Zero-click searches.


Thus, it takes you on a beautiful journey of optimizing your title, URL, meta description, and rich snippets. SERPSim is the direct contributor in boosting your CTR and increasing inputs in the sales funnel.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the SEO tool that shifts the camera focus totally on users. And it turns the websites' picture into SEO manager favor. So, what is the magic behind Google Analytics? It displays website statistics like bounce rate, traffic sources, customer behavior, and conversions possibilities.



In brief, SEO tools help you in keeping a regular check on your website performance. You can track all your on-page, off-page, and technical SEO parameters. It saves you the hustle of rushing at the end moment if any of the key rank indicators changes. Thus, these tools act as your website's best buddies in case of any SEO issues. So, which one of the tools are you planning to use permanently for monitoring your SEO?

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