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What Are the Reasons Behind Immense Popularity of On-Demand Mobile Solutions

What Are the Reasons Behind Immense Popularity of On-Demand Mobile Solutions


With apps like Uber and AngelList acquiring millions of customers worldwide, it’s safe to say that on-demand app development will become a new norm in the next few years. As opposed to conventional mobile apps, on-demand platforms bridge the gap between consumers and service providers. They allow users to directly contact the service providers and book their services anytime they want. Not to mention, on-demand platforms have exclusive features like real-time location tracking and instant chat support that enhance the overall user experience.


But, usability isn’t the only reason why on-demand app development in India is gaining more popularity day by day. In this article, we have penned down a few factors that explain why the market is witnessing an increased demand for on-demand platforms and how businesses can utilize this growing demand to accelerate their brand growth.


What are On-Demand Platforms?

On-demand platforms are mobile solutions that are designed with a vision to offer on-demand services to the customers. For instance, you’re in a hurry to reach the airport and need a direct taxi from your hotel. So, instead of whistling at different taxis while standing on the sidewalk with your luggage, you simply fire up the Uber app and book a cab online.


Similarly, let’s say you’re sitting in your office cubicle and suddenly have the urge to eat a pizza. Again, instead of going to the Pizza outlet, you open a food delivery app on your smartphone and order the pizza online.


That’s how the on-demand business model works - ‘you demand a specific product/service, and it gets delivered to you.’ As of now, the market is stacked with dozens of on-demand mobile solutions and our Indian app developers believe that this trend will continue to grow, even in the next 5-7 years.


In fact, a PwC report suggests that the on-demand app market will surpass the 335 Billion dollar mark by the year 2025. So, if you’re planning to invest in mobile app development in India, it would be better to choose on-demand platforms over conventional apps.


5 Reasons Behind the Growing Popularity of On-Demand Platforms

So, let’s understand why these simple on-demand solutions have the potential to construct a billion-dollar industry in a mere 4-year time span.


1. Higher Customer Retention

In comparison to regular mobile applications, an on-demand solution gives users the ability to return to a specific service provider in no time. Almost every on-demand solution has a dedicated “History” tab that automatically stores the information of service providers the user has contacted in the past.


So, even if a customer returns to the app after a few weeks, he/she’ll be able to find a specific service provider more conveniently. Due to this feature, on-demand solutions have higher customer retention and the power to acquire long-term customers.


2. Scalability

Scalability is another factor that makes on-demand solutions a wise investment for businesses. An on-demand solution commonly has a scalable backend, which means the platform can adapt to the growing business needs without ruining the user experience. Let’s take Uber as an example.



Every day, thousands of new customers and drivers register on Uber’s platform. But, since its backend is powered by MongoDB, a NoSQL backend technology, Uber doesn’t go down or run into a technical glitch, even if 100,000 users register simultaneously. So, on-demand solutions practically have the power to handle a brand’s evolving structure without compromising its usability.


3. Cost-Effective

In contrast to what you may have heard or read, on-demand app development is pocket-friendly. No doubt, the initial development cost of a full-scale on-demand platform is comparatively higher than a regular app, it’s worth understanding that your on-demand solution will prove to be cost-effective in the long run. How? Well, it’s pretty simple.


Since on-demand solutions are designed to offer incredible solutions to the end-users, their maintenance cost is pretty low. Even if you want to integrate new features into your on-demand solution, you can simply outsource the task to app developers in India and get the job done without burning a hole in your wallet.


4. Data Security

Due to an extensive customer base, on-demand solutions rely on cloud platforms to store customer data. As compared to traditional database technologies, cloud platforms offer higher security, all thanks to their encrypted architecture.


It means the customer’s shipping, banking, and personal details stay safe, and no unauthorized user can access them. Furthermore, developers can also integrate secured payment gateways to add another security layer and offer a completely secure browsing experience. 


5. Easy-to-Customize

On-demand solutions also offer easy customization. Many app development agencies provide ready-made on-demand solutions that can be customized to meet specific business requirements. So, multiple businesses could use the same on-demand solution by merely integrating third-party APIs or customizing the UI.




Does Your Business Need an On-Demand Solution

There’s no doubt that on-demand platforms will continue to rule the mobile app market, even in the post-pandemic world. Thanks to their extensive features and engaging user experience, on-demand solutions can help any business to reach its target audience and build a strong customer base. Even if you run a small restaurant, you can invest in on-demand app development in India and offer your service through an interactive channel. And, since on-demand solutions are highly scalable, you have the liberty to integrate new APIs and improve the overall functionality of the app.         


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