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Which Is The Better Instagram Marketing Tool: Combin or Aigrow?

 Which Is The Better Instagram Marketing Tool: Combin or Aigrow? 

Combin Vs Aigrow

Choosing the proper Instagram advertising platform is not an easy task. It is a time-consuming and intricate activity. The same goes for making the correct selection of which is the right tool for you. Twitter can be an excellent choice, but it’s impractical to have 140 characters of a post to tell your followers what you’re doing. Facebook and Instagram have also become more and more attractive to businesses that want to post regularly, but there are issues. Facebook has a limited number of photo and video post formats, and you can only use a single post per channel. Because of that, posts do not always function well when you have multiple accounts. Therefore, businesses are looking for an alternative option that meets the users’ needs.


The entire project involved three links. You may need to manually refresh your page, because you will see a pop-up notification stating that Combin has fully loaded. Once you have refreshed the page and installed it, you will be directed to login and place your Instagram account sign-in details. From there, you may proceed to the next part. Connecting your Instagram account(s) Combin required the ability to log-in as an administrator. If you don’t have admin rights, you may visit the following guide for how to enable it. You will also need to add your Instagram account name, as well as your email and your username. Combin looks for a “@” sign, which makes it look for an Instagram account.


Connecting your Instagram account(s)

This part of the review entails the presence of various Instagram profiles, keeping track of the birthdays of these profiles, and managing the year-round updating and upkeep of each profile. You need to connect as many of your Instagram accounts(s) as you can to your email account to complete this task. Your Instagram account(s) are verified for this. You should be using the free service, although. Do this: Login to your email account and sign up for a free Combin account. Download the Combin App from Google Play or Apple App Store and then make sure your phone is connected to your WiFi. Go to the Combin web interface on your mobile. Here, make sure the security type of your account is ‘web only’.



Setup Combin has no official companion apps. A computer user must install the programs on his or her PC and set up your account using the provided calibration and scan your account. For the PC instructions please click here. It is easy and straight forward once you know how to navigate on your phone. The two operative menus enable you to connect to your Instagram account, activate the Combin Feeds, and scan your profile. Combin has a set of web controls that allow the device to send certain Feeds only to specific devices. Connecting your Instagram account You don’t have to search for an account just to start with. Just fill in the registration details using your phone number and an email address. There is a tab that allows you to send a follow request to someone.


Maintenance and Support

Instagram is constantly creating new ways to promote your company and your brand, and for some reason these ways are frequently poorly optimized for the presence of Combin. My personal list is as follows: Filters Addison filters, Satin Glass and Crystal Glass, Rechargeable filters, Lumi Filter, airbrushed filter, Watercolor filter, Rainbow filter, Blurry Glass, and Unobtrusive Glass. Which of these filters should you use? An ideal filter option would be a natural filter with flawless capture and an adjustment option on the slider. Satin and Crystal Glass Filters have a great contrast, and do not require adjustment. All filters must be battery-powered, and must be chargeable to avoid running out of power mid-filming. No filters have an option to select your camera’s resolution.



At this point, let’s go to the hardware section of this combiner device. Well, the main price tag is $175.00 USD. At the moment, that’s an expensive number for an Instagram advertising tools gadget, but we’re sure it’s worth it. Buy from Amazon Features The price tag is one thing. The feature is another. So let’s examine the above items, side by side, and see which one is worth it. Setup Trying to be as straightforward as possible, the installation of the device is painless. It’s really easy. You can easily install it, and with a little bit of work, you can get your assets in place. Moreover, there is absolutely no fear of it getting lost, as it is not attached to anything else. Connecting Connecting your account is one thing.



It can be easy to get noticed. The secret sauce is your story. Combin revolves around delivering photo storytelling by seamlessly connecting your Instagram account with your other online marketing tools and services. It is best used by one or more of your marketing and social media accounts to create images, instagrams, vlogs, videos. There are three sections of the application: Content Sharing and Replies, Photo Scopes, and Content Discovery and Collaboration. Combin is built-in with the popular social media apps. It synchronizes all your accounts including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Combin also incorporates QR code scans, Instagram check-ins, and Twitter emoji clicks.

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