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7 Apps That Every Photographer Should Have


7 Apps That Every Photographer Should Have

Taking photographs, developing them, and viewing your work requires hours in the studio or thousands of dollars in advertising, those times are probably passed. There are now smartphone applications for both iOS and Android devices that make all elements of photography easier, from site scouting to shoot planning to release.

Application That Every Photographer Must Have

Here is a list of seven photography applications that every photographer must have.

1. Google Photos:

Google Photos is one of the most complete picture services available for mobile devices. It is available for iOS and android. Its enhanced machine learning capabilities make it an invaluable weapon in your photography toolkit, which includes Suggested Sharing (which chooses the finest pictures and invites you to share them), Shared Libraries (which allows you to send and receive photographs from other people quickly), and Photo Books (design photo albums on the app).

2. Snapseed:

Snapseed is a basic photo editing application. It is available for iOS and android. It provides virtually all of the tools you need to significantly optimize your photographs, from cropping and straightening to more complex changes. Moreover, unlike many other filter-based programs, Snapseed gives you total control over every modification you make. All Snapseed modifications are organized into fourteen modules, most of which I use: Crop, Tune Image, Center Focus, Black & White, and Straighten; while Snapseed’s editing capabilities aren’t particularly innovative, it’s a wonderful all-in-one solution with a clean and user-friendly UI.

3. The Photographer’s Ephemeris:

The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) is one of the most popular shoot planning applications available. Choose a place anywhere in the globe, set a point on the aerial map, and watch how the sun and moon travel across the world on a specific day. It is really handy for arranging shots in unfamiliar areas. Going on a large vacation and want to make the most of your shooting time? That is why it is there. Getting beautiful landscape pictures is frequently a combination of careful planning and a dash of chance. It simplifies the planning process.

4. Pro HDR:

This app will produce amazing photographs even if you use the default settings. If you prefer greater control, you may manually adjust the exposures, which will then be merged into a single well-exposed shot. Like any other HDR program, Pro HDR performs well for landscape photos or situations with a brilliant sky but fails with moving subjects. It is essential to keep your phone stable; however, if your arms are somehow stable, you can utilize Pro HDR without a tripod.

5. Pocket Light Meter:

Light meters are essential for assisting film photographers in determining exposure. That is precisely what the Pocket Light Meter app accomplishes. This helpful little software uses your mobile device’s camera to measure the light in the room. It allows you to modify aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to see how it will influence exposure in your photograph, assisting you in getting your settings exactly right. It supports both iOS and Android and also considered to be very accurate.

6. PhotoPills:

PhotoPills is intended to serve as a one-stop-shop for site survey and shoot planning.  It is available for iOS and android. It’s very handy when trying to plan a shoot from a distance. This fantastic software can show you precisely where the sun and moon will be on any given day anywhere in the globe. Do you want to know when the moon will be at a given position over a specific geographical feature? The augmented reality features of PhotoPills can inform you. It uses augmented reality to assist you in planning and visualizing your shots. This software has a learning curve, but it is definitely worth the time spent figuring it out.

7. Duplicate Photo Cleaner:

Having a software which can delete duplicate photos can help the photographer to remove unnecessary similar pictures in your PC. Duplicate Photo cleaner is the one of the best duplicate photo finder and remover software. This software assists photographers in removing the same photographs which were clicked twice.


Shooting photography is never more accessible, thanks to the so many tools in your pocket. Even if you’re starting out, these photography apps make it easier than ever to create great photographs. So these are seven great picture applications to improve your photography. The best part is that you don’t have to pick just one, and obviously, there are many other fantastic picture applications that aren’t on our list.

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