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What Are The Important Factors To Consider Before Investing In Your Own Gojek Clone App?

What Are The Important Factors To Consider Before Investing In Your Own Gojek Clone App?

The Gojek Clone app has been one of the most favorite on demand business apps in the times today. With hundreds of thousands of people trying to get their hands on a business solution like this, it has become pretty evident that many on demand mobile app development companies have started building their own Gojek Clone apps. However, choosing the right one for your business can be a challenge.

In today’s blog post we will try to cover two major topics:

A.      The two most important features of the Gojek Clone app that can help you choose the best option.

B.      How to select the right on demand mobile app Development Company for your Gojek Clone app?

However, before we get into that, let us try to understand what the Gojek Clone app does and how it can help your business aspirations. The Gojek Clone app is essentially an online market place for service providers.

A good Gojek Clone app can allow your customers to avail as many as 70 different services based on how much you would like for it to have. Now, although the name sounds as though the app itself has been a copied version of another app, the truth is that the Gojek Clone app is a huge app that has had to be developed from the ground up just like another app.

The only reason why it is referred to as a cloned app is because it ensures that people can experience the same flow of operations on the app as the original Gojek Clone. Now that we know what the app is and what it does, let us get down to the moolah of the app.

A.    Two important Features of the Gojek Clone app

There are many important features in the Gojek Clone app that can determine the success or failure of the application. However, there are two such features that are very important during the present times. It is important to understand that the world as we knew it before CoVid 19 was very different and the post CoVid 19 pathogen riddled world is way different. This is why; here are the 2 features that are extremely important to make sure that your app is a success.

>> Contactless Delivery

With the pandemic has hurt us, the best way to combat it is to limit contact with other people. Offering the Contactless Delivery option in your Gojek Clone app delivery section can help people.

>> Face Mask Verification

In order to ensure everyone’s safety, the Face Mask Verification option will ensure that taxi drivers can only begin their rides after clicking a selfie with the face mask on.

How to select the right company that builds the perfect Gojek Clone app for you?

With so many options available in the market, it can become a little intimidating choosing the right on demand mobile app Development Company that builds the best Gojek Clone App that is most suitable for your business. Let us take a look at the best possible ways in which you can identify the right company for your app.

>> White Label Services

White label services are the most important services that you must look for when trying to pick your app. Basically White Labeling is the process using which a mobile app development company removes any and all traces of their own brand and replace it with your company’s logo and your brand name.

>> Licensed Source Code

The source code of an application is like its soul. You need it to ensure that you can add or modify it as per your convenience at any point in time. The company that you are purchasing the app from must offer the licensed source code of the application to you absolutely free.


On the Whole, the On demand multi services platform, the Gojek Clone app is one of the most important and successful business solutions in the market today. With the help of this app, you can truly reach the apex of success. However, make sure that you choose a white label on demand mobile app Development Company that builds the app for you. It is also wise to ensure that you have the licensed source code of the app as it will be beneficial for you in the long run. Select the Gojek Clone carefully after analyzing what are the best and most relevant features that are being offered.

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