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Tips To Arrange A Small Kitchen?


Tips To Arrange A Small Kitchen?

In large cities apartments are getting smaller with every coming day. With shrinking living spaces, kitchens are getting smaller too. This requires a smart move to make good use of every inch.

So the question arises of how to arrange appliances in the small kitchen.

In this article, some techniques are given. That will answer your question.

Group The Appliances:

Some appliances are frequently used but some are rarely or never. These Appliances must be grouped accordingly So that the appliance which is frequently used is given an easily accessible place.

The rarely used appliances can be put somewhere other than the kitchen. That will free the space for many other things.


Choose Equipment Smartly:

Some equipment can do multiple jobs. A high-quality blender can be used as a food processor. waffle iron can also be used as the panini press and stockpot can cook rice that means you will not need a rice cooker.

By this technique the number of appliances can be reduced which vacate the space.


Give Away Unused Equipment:

Most people are reluctant to get rid of appliances even if they have never used them before. Many people out there need this equipment but they don't have enough money. You can either donate them or sell them for lower prices.

By doing this you can create the space for the new or older equipment that you need but there was no space for them.


Recycle the faulty equipment:

 In our kitchens, we may have some equipment which is faulty and of no use to us. The best thing for us is that we send it to the recycling plant. You can also donate them to freecycle who will recycle them for you.

If you have not made up your mind to recycle them, then the next best thing is to put them in the box and put them out of sight, to free up the space in the kitchen.


Organize Cabinets:

Unorganized things take more space than they should. To save up space, you need to arrange everything.

Every cabinet must be assigned to the same type of things like crockery and spices must have a different cabinet.

By doing this you will not just save space but also make it easy to find things.


Install Magnet Holders:

Magnet holders are a very effective way to save space. Knives take large space on the counter but they can be saved by magnet holders which can increase accessibility and save space for other things in the kitchen.


Maintaining and Upgrading:

It is the best strategy to rearrange the whole kitchen twice a year. In this, you need to rearrange everything and take out any unused items.

This may seem daunting but, It keeps the kitchen updated and arranged.


Moveable Kitchen Rack:

You can buy a moveable kitchen rack that can give you additional space to store the appliances and other things like cutting boards and crockery. These racks can be moved around which makes them suitable for the small kitchen.

These are strong enough to handle heavy appliances like microwaves as well.








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