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How Much Cost to Develop a Voice Chat App like Club house?

Building an App has now become as popular as Barney and Ted's (of HIMYM fame) bright idea of buying a bar once was.


But jokes aside, mobile app development is fast becoming the perfect option for businesses looking to expand their reach and approachability. 


The mobile market is at an all-time high, and smartphones today offer enterprises never-before proximity to their customer.


A report by Statista states that by 2023, mobile apps are set to generate $935 billion in revenue, making it an exceptionally lucrative opportunity for enterprises across scales and sectors.


Regardless of whether you are planning on a digital-native startup or if you wish to take your brick-and-mortar business online, a mobile application can prove to be a tremendous asset. 

What is Clubhouse


In March 2020, the social audio chat app Clubhouse was released. The social audio app chat Clubhouse is worth $1 billion. For the time being, the software is only available on the iOS platform, but an Android version is in the works. According to the most recent figures, Clubhouse received over 9 million downloads from all across the world over the last year.


Users can join rooms in Clubhouse and engage in vocal interactions with one another via voice chats. Users can browse a room list created by other group members after registering with their name and profile photograph. 


An external user can join these ongoing discussions. When a user registers for the app, the system immediately mutes them, but users can add to the conversation by unmuting themselves. However, within the social media context, the Clubhouse app is unique in that users can only engage via invitation. However, Clubhouse is an invite-only service, and it is currently unavailable on app stores. A TestFlight link is sent, and the app's creator describes the Clubhouse app's operation.

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Steps for Creating an App like Clubhouse


It takes considerable time and work to create a voice chat software that is similar to Clubhouse. Here is a rundown of the steps you should include in your development initiative.

1. Market Research in Appropriate Amounts 

The developer should start researching the competition right away. They should investigate how rival groups employ means and tactics to recruit users. 

2. Identifying the Target Market

The developer should be familiar with the app's issues, consumer preferences, and cultural demography. The marketer must get to know their customers. The vendor can speak with each buyer to learn more about their preferences. 

3. Attractive and Convenient Design

Users have a lot of alternatives when it comes to app design. Similarity and variety go hand in hand. The app's design should be both distinctive and appealing. It must pique the interest of its audience.

The marketer must determine the needs of their customers and create the voice chat accordingly. Developers must balance the app's appealing aesthetic quality and its smooth functionality.

4. Select a Financial Model 

You can choose from three different revenue models on an app: Fixed cost, Hourly time and material, dedicated resources. Hiring a dedicated team makes the most business sense for an app like Clubhouse that will have a clear set of requirements.

5. Assemble an app development group

A team of app developers can start by valuing the business, designing technical components, estimating a price, and planning the project. The team should streamline the workflow, decide on the primary app functionality, and develop the app concept.

6. Create an MVP

The team creates the minimal viable product after deciding on the methodology and confirming the app's functionality. The MVP is a working app prototype. It contains the major functional elements that are being considered for inclusion in the product at this time. The test involves receiving modest feedback from the audience to enhance the product. The MVP comprises significant features that can improve the user experience and replace those that aren't needed.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse?


The cost of developing a voice chat app similar to Clubhouse for iOS or Android is projected to be roughly $25,000 and $50,000, respectively. This cost may vary depending on the design complexity, usefulness, and compatibility of different apps.

1. Depending on the platform you're using

If you only need your app to work on one platform, an Android app development business will charge you less. However, if you want to launch your program on more than one platform (for example, Android and iOS), the cost of implementation will be higher.

2. On The Basis Of Design

The app's UI/UX design must be user-friendly. The cost of creating a Clubhouse-style software will be slightly higher if you choose the complex design option, but it will be well worth it.

3. Depending on the size of the team

For improved performance, hire full-time or contract personnel if there are no required team members or a shortage of skilled people on the team. Depending on your choice, the price will rise.

4. Determined by the location

Startups may charge a little fee; medium-sized businesses may charge a little more, and branded top enterprises may ask even more.


A medium-complexity app takes between 5 to 8 weeks, and it takes more than nine weeks for an advanced-complexity app. On-demand app development is a good option if you want to connect your consumers with multiple service providers or service providers with different users.

In Summation- Excellence Requires an Expert Touch


So, there you go—a detailed analysis of the costs involved while building an App like Clubhouse. But the story doesn't end here. The next step is finding the ideal mobile app development partner who can do justice to your business vision without breaking the bank.


As a parting note, be sure to pick an outsourcing partner that endeavors to understand your requirements and expectations and is well versed in all forms and phases of mobile app development, thus adding value to your mobile app development initiative.


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